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Silky, hand saws for your outdoor

Compare our Silky saws. On this page you will find all the Japanese steel hand saws of the Silky brand including spare parts or replacement components. If you are a camper who loves to live outdoors or a lover of bushcraft and outdoor survival, the Silky saws are the solution for you!

Characteristics of Silky Saws

Among the aspects that have made Silky saws famous, the materials used by the brand stand out in the first place. These hand saws, including add-ons, are made entirely of high-quality Authentic Premium Japanese steel. Buying a Silky product, however, does not only mean choosing a product made with quality materials. Over the years the company has invested heavily in the technology applied to its products. Every detail is the result of careful research, ranging from the positioning of the saw teeth to the type of chrome plating applied to the blade and much more.

Production of Silky products

The Silky hand saw brand has been working in the making of outdoor tools for over 100 years. To produce its products guaranteeing the highest quality standards, the brand today uses the most advanced production systems. The saw blades are cut with the laser in order to offer maximum precision. The blades are also subjected to a special induction hardening, applied only to the ends of the teeth, in order to maintain the characteristic flexibility of the saw and extend the life of the saw teeth.

In conclusion:

Today Silky, thanks to its centenary experience in the sector, offers its users products of the highest technological level, the result of a constant search for perfection that characterizes the brand. If you are a hiker or a fan of bushcraft techniques, the Silky outdoor hand saw is not something that can be missing from your survival tools.

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