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Ballistic goggles

Ballistic goggles for military training;

Are you considering buying ballistic eyewear? On this page you will find our selection of glasses for military training. The best solutions selected for you. Compare all our models of military ballistic glasses available for immediate delivery on Knife Park.



What are Ballistic Goggles?

Ballistic goggles are a type of protective eyewear designed to protect the eyes and safeguard vision in extreme situations. Designed to protect you from splinters and fragments that could enter the eye during conflict situations or during training.

To protect you, these glasses are usually made with ultra-resistant materials such as polycarbonate or ballistic glass. They can also be equipped with anti-fog lenses, or coated with anti-reflection films.

Characteristics of ballistic glasses;

In order to offer the maximum comfort of use, ballistic glasses often offer an adjustable frame with a high fit. In this sense also the lenses are often interchangeable. Always in order to offer the maximum possible protection to the user, many of these glasses can be used in combination with other protection systems. In fact, they are often used in conjunction with elements or shields, to offer a greater level of protection.


The lenses of these glasses are characterized by being made of extremely resistant materials such as polycarbonate or ultra-resistant ballistic glass.


Even the frame like the lenses proves to be resistant and flexible. Typically made of polycarbonate or metal to resist impact or deformation. The frame of these glasses is generally adjustable, and this in order to offer maximum comfort.

Anti-reflection coating;

Ideal for reduces glare to improve visibility in situations with intense light.UV protection;
These goggles are ideal for blocking harmful UV rays and protecting your eyes from long-term damage resulting from exposure to these rays.


Here we have highlighted what they are and what are some of the main typical characteristics of ballistic glasses. This being the case, please note that the specifications and technical characteristics may vary according to the brand and model chosen.

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