Silky BigBoy the 35 cm foldable and multifunctional hand saw.

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Silky BigBoy

Handsaw Silky BigBoy;

Do you know the Silky BigBoy handsaw? Among the largest in the folding saw category, the Silky BigBoy is a favorite piece of equipment for those who do bushcraft and love to carry out survival activities in the woods. So don't miss the opportunity to compare all the different BigBoy saws available.


Silky BigBoy saw features;

The Silky BigBoy Saw is a multifunctional folding saw characterized by a slightly curved Authentic Premium Japanese steel blade 36 cm long. This hand saw lends itself as an exceptionally functional tool for sawing logs with ease even if they are above shoulder height.

Silky BigBoy saw technology;

Like all Silky saws, the BigBoy's teeth are razor sharp designed to make the cutting experience even easier. Once the job is done, the Silky BigBoy saw can be easily folded up thanks to the release button and folded away.

Among the important features, it should be noted that the blade of the BigBoy can be easily changed thanks to the patented locking system. The Silky BigBoy Saw is available in three different tooth configurations (Large, Medium and Fine).

The Silky brand;

The Silky brand is known for the production of high quality Japanese hand saws, used in various fields such as agriculture, gardening, wood cutting and the outdoors.

Its most recent history begins In the 80s when the company begins to export its saws all over the world, becoming a recognized brand for the quality and efficiency of its products. In 1994, the company changed its name to Silky Saw Co., Ltd. and began to focus solely on manufacturing Japanese saws.

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