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Morakniv Kansbol

Morakniv Kansbol knife

Are you looking for the Morakniv Kansbol knife? Here you will find all our available versions of the Mora Kansbol knife! Don't miss the opportunity to compare the different versions of one of the most popular outdoor survival knives! Discover the Survival Kit version, ideal to offer you the best performance when you are punctured!

Buy the Morakniv Kansbol knife;

If you are considering the Buy of the Morakniv Kansbol knife, you are in the right place! In fact, on this page you will find all the available variants of the Kansbol outdoor knife! Here you will find both the classic versions made with the green and orange handle, and the complete versions of survival kit. So don't miss the opportunity to compare all our available products!

Characteristics of the Kansbol;

The Morakniv Kansbol knife represents a perfect middle ground between a sturdy blade knife and a flexible knife. These features make the Kansbol a unique knife that adapts well to all kinds of hiking situations. As in the case of the Morakniv Garberg knife, the Kansbol can also be used as a firelighter. The back of this survival knife when rubbed with a steel allows you to generate sparks ideal for starting a small fire quickly. The Kansbol knife is sold in orange and green versions, two high visibility colors designed to allow the user to never lose sight of the knife.


As we anticipated in the previous paragraphs, on this page on you will find all the best available versions of the Kansbol knife, both the new Survival Kit versions, and the classic high visibility versions with the Green and Orange handle.

Morakniv Kansbol Survival Kit;

The version of the Survival Kit knife offers the user a series of essential accessories for those who love survival and bushcraft. The kit that attaches to the knife sheath offers a fire lighter, a diamond sharpener and in addition it has a reflex paracord that can be fixed to the steel.

All this therefore completes the characteristics of the Kansbol knife which is characterized by being a light but at the same time robust knife, with a 2.5 mm thick blade.

Morakniv kansbol


As anticipated, one of the classic versions of the Kansbol knife is the orange version. The version therefore made with the orange handle, a color designed to be highly visible so as to make the knife easily identifiable in any context. In fact, when it comes to survival knives, brands often opt for handles with a high contrast color with the natural environment.


The Green version in terms of technical characteristics is identical to the Orange version, although dark green is not considered a high visibility color in the woods. The Green color therefore remains preferred by those who love darker shades and do not need the knife to be excessively visible in nature.


If you are considering a high performance knife, remember that all Morakniv Kansbol knives are tested by the manufacturer before being marketed! Flexibility and hardness of the Kansbol knife are tested by the brand, and this in order to offer the end user the best performance!

In conclusion;

In this brief description on the Morakniv brand Kansbol, we have explained many of the most relevant aspects that have to do with the Morakniv Kansbol survival knife. We talked about the technical characteristics, but we also remembered which are the main versions marketed today. Recalling in particular the new Survival Kit version, equipped with all the essential accessories for bushcraft lovers, but also the classic versions such as the Orange with high visibility handle and the Green!

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