Morakniv Garberg, the Full Tang survival knife

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Morakniv Garberg

Morakniv Garberg knife

The Morakniv Garberg knife is one of the icons of the Morakniv knife brand. Considered by hikers to be one of the best survival knives on the market today. Today the article is also available in the version with survival kit, as well as in the carbon steel version.

Features of the Morakniv Garberg knife;

the Morakniv Garberg, is characterized by its Full Tang blade ideal for allowing bushcraft activities. Among the characterizing aspects of this knife, it should be remembered that the back of the blade can be used as a firelighter. by placing a steel on the back of the blade it will therefore be possible to generate small sparks to light a fire without the need for a lighter. The Garberg knife is sold both with the soft sheath and with the classic leather sheath. Here you will also find the special versions of the Morakniv Garberg Black Blade as well as the complete models equipped with the Survival Kit.

Buy the Morakniv Garberg knife;

Buying a Morakniv Garberg knife means buying one of the best bushcraft knives available for sale today. This Full Tang knife is one of the most requested products by outdoor survival enthusiasts who decide to buy a stable and safe knife for their outdoor trips!

Morakniv Garberg knife

Garberg knife versions;

Below we present some of the available versions of the Garberg knife. Although the knife remains the same, the accessories with which it is sold varies depending on the version.

1) Survival Kit;

One of the novelties is certainly the Garberg Survival Kit version, Designed for outdoor survival enthusiasts, this full tang knife is sold complete with flint lighter, support to be inserted in the case and paracord.

2) Leather sheath;

The same knife is also available in the classic version with a leather sheath worked in Sweden. For those who prefer a classic case, the leather sheath is certainly the most suitable solution.

3) Multi-mount sheath;

Finally, if you need to always carry your Morakniv Garberg knife with you, it is also possible to buy it in the version with a multi-mount sheath. The ideal solution therefore to fasten the knife to the backpack or belt in order to always have it at hand.

The Morakniv brand;

If you are a survival enthusiast, surely you already know the Morakniv knife brand. This Swedish company manufacturer of survival items, has had the opportunity to make itself known over the years for its reliable and cheap products! Today the brand continues to produce millions of knives every year at its Swedish factory in the city of Mora.


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All Morakniv Garberg knives available here have undergone a TEST by the manufacturer, before being released on the market! All our products are new and original produced in the city of Mora in Sweden!

In conclusion;

If you are keen on survival items, the Garberg is definitely for you. Considered by many to be the ideal tool to always carry with you when hiking outdoors. This full tang survival knife is ideal for any outdoor activity, especially if you are looking for a bushcraft knife.

The Morakniv Garberg is specially tested by the parent company to be used as an anvil in order to break small logs. So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our models, available for immediate delivery, choose the best solution for your needs!

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