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The best smoking pipes for sale online;

Are you looking for the best smoking pipes for sale online? Here you will find our selection as in the best pipe shops, you can compare many models so as to best satisfy your passion. Whether you are looking for a cheap pipe or the best pipe of the year, here you will find the right solution for you.

Why buy smoking pipes online?

Buying your smoking pipes online offers a number of benefits. The first is certainly linked to the ease with which it is possible to compare the catalog. in fact, in a normal pipe shop to be able to view the entire catalog you always need a person to assist you and it will take a long time. By purchasing your pipes online, you can consult the entire catalog in a few minutes by quickly identifying your search parameters thanks to our many search filters. In this way, you will be able to compare all the models of the pipe series that you are interested in and buy the model that best meets your needs.

Online smoking pipes for sale;

The sale of smoking pipes online is now a very widespread phenomenon. In fact, most of the fans in order to have their own pipe at any time buy more than one. The reason is simple, after cleaning a good pipe needs to be left to dry for a few hours before it can be used again and it is for this reason that every smoker has more than one model. Buying a pipe for sale online allows you to quickly receive your pipe at your home without having to go out and travel many kilometers only to discover that that model is no longer available.

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The English smoking pipe;

Among the most sought-after solutions, the English smoking pipe models are also mentioned. One of the first countries to introduce the smoking pipe was England and it is precisely for this reason that the achievements of English factories are still highly sought after today. It is no coincidence that one of the most famous protagonists of English novels, Sherlock Holmes used to smoke a pipe.

Today there are many enthusiasts looking for the best English smoking pipes, to add to their collection.

Most popular types of smoking pipes;

Here are some of the most popular and popular forms of smokers around the world. The shapes that have contributed to making the history of this object and that still remain among the most collected types.

1) Classic or Billiard straight;

This form is probably the most common and easiest to use. Its design is based on the proportionality of the parts. The right angle offered by the pipe allows the smoke a linear path which makes it very easy to use.

2) Dublin;

The Dublin model is characterized by its shape that ends in a cone. This feature leads to a significant increase in the temperature inside the pipe during its use.

3) Bottle - Apple;

The Apple pipe is one of the most famous shapes! Its spherical design allows the pipe not to reach high temperatures during its use. Its design is also studied to improve the insulation offered by the briar.

4) Curve or Bent;

The latter pipe is perhaps the most famous for having taken part in many films and TV series. There are many movie characters who use this tool, the best known is probably Sherlock Holmes!

5) Cornet or Woodstock;

Finally, this last type of smoking pipes is characterized by its slender design. Its characteristic shape allows a perfect balance that favors smoking.

Recommended Smoking Pipe Brands;

We talked about the different shapes that a smoking pipe can have, but what are the best brands available today? Obviously there are many different brands on the market today. Our team of experts has selected for you, two brands in particular, White Elephant and Rattray's. Let's see specifically what it is.

Smoking Pipe Brands

1) Rattray's;

The Rattray's pipe brand is probably one of the most sought after among aficionados. With a long history behind it, this company finds its origins in the land of Scotland thanks to the work of the founder Charles Rattray born in 1880. Today Rattray's pipes are the result of very high quality workmanship thanks to the important experience of the producers who damage some of the best English-style products with manufacturing techniques dating back over 100 years.

2) White Elephant;

The White Elephant brand has produced briar pipes from 1954 to 1984, then the brand begins the production of filter granules for pipes, a product for which it becomes very famous in the sector. Today the brand has been sold to the Kopp Smoking Systems company which after 35 years has again brought into production the White Elephant pipes, which are still produced in the historic factory in Ettenstatt, in Bavaria.

Accessories for smoking pipes;

If you are looking for the best pipe accessories, you are in the right place! On this page you will find the best pipe accessories available for immediate delivery! Don't miss the chance to compare all our best accessories. Pipe lighters, pipe knives and pipe care!

Quality characteristics of smoking pipes;

What are the characteristics that quality smoking pipes must have? Obviously there are many aspects that count, the first undoubtedly concerns the materials. To avoid running into nasty surprises while smoking, buy only products made with high quality materials! Another aspect to pay attention to is the design or in any case the shape of the pipes. As we have seen, there are many shapes, but it is important that these are well made to prevent the pipe from having problems while you are using it.


On this page, on you will find over 150 smoking pipes in the catalog! The best smoking pipe models selected by our team of experts in order to offer you only the best! Don't miss the opportunity to compare all the best products available on our online catalog!

Online shop;

Are you looking for an online smoking pipes shop? Then you're in the right place! On you will find over 100 different smoking pipe models available in the catalog! In our online store you can quickly compare features and prices of all our available models in just a few clicks. Do not waste any more time and come and discover all our products available for immediate delivery.

In conclusion;

Choosing to buy the best pipe for your needs is not easy at all, every enthusiast knows well how there are so many models and types of different pipes. It is not just a question of price, but of style, of materials. Among the aspects that you pay more attention to before buying a pipe is the type of wood used or the size of the exit hole. Among the most sought after pipe styles there is certainly the British style typical of the pipe lines of the rattray's brand available here.

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