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Güde kitchen knives, made in Solingen

The Güde knives brand was born in 1910 in Germany. In this year, Karl Güde opens his first table cutlery workshop in Solingen, home of the best German kitchen knives. That year began the history of the Güde knife brand which today produces some of the best kitchen knives for sale in the world.

History of the Güde knives;

As anticipated, the production of Güde knives began in 1910 in Karl Güde's small table cutlery workshop. Initially the company produced only "forged knives", kitchen knives made from a single piece of steel. Although the brand has been producing knives for over 100 years, Güde knives still retain many of the traditional manufacturing techniques.

Buy Güde knives;

Why buy Güde knives? If you are a cooking enthusiast you are surely already familiar with these kitchen knives, beautiful to look at, but above all functional. These made in Solingen knives are also the result of careful research developed by the best German manufacture. On KnifePark.com you will find over 100 Gude products, do not miss the opportunity to compare them all and choose the best solution for you!

Gude Knives

Characteristics of Güde products;

The kitchen knives of the Güde brand are characterized by being products of the highest quality. The brand manufactures all its products in the city of Solingen in Germany, a world famous place for table cutlery. Although today many steps of Güde production are no longer artisanal, the most delicate phases are still subjected to the careful work of Güde artisans who carefully check each phase of production, such as the forging phase which is still carried out by hand today.

Used materials;

One of the aspects that most characterizes Güde products are the materials used for production. As is well known, Güde kitchen knives are made with materials of excellent quality. The steel used to make Güde products is the result of a special Chromium-Vanadium-Molybdenum alloy. The wood chosen for the realization of the handles is of the highest quality and in some cases aged over 100 years as for the knives of the Alpha Olive line.

Kitchen Knife Series:

Below we offer some of the best Gude series selected by our team of experts for you! So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our best products available for immediate delivery. The best forged knives of the brand selected for you!

1) Alpha;

The Güde Alpha line of kitchen knives is one of the most beautiful made by the made in Solingen brand. The knives are made of chromium-vanadium-molybdenum alloy to offer a perfect balance between hardness and flexibility of the blade. The forging of these knives is done by hand in more than 30 steps. The dark handle is made Hostaform in order to resist over time.

All the knives of the series are made in Solingen in Germany, and have the characteristic logo of origin present on the products manufactured in Solingen on the blade.

2) Kappa;

For those who love products completely made of steel, we recommend the purchase of Güde Kappa knives. These knives made of stainless steel have been forged in Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum alloy to offer a perfect balance between blade flexibility and hardness.

The forging of kappa knives is done manually by expert craftsmen. Each blade also features the brand and provenance logo which certifies that the knife was made in Solingen.

3) Synchros;

The Güde Synchros series is the newest line of the made in Solingen brand. The refined design of these knives is certainly unique and captivating. The single blade continues up to the handle where it is partially covered in solid wood. Each knife of the Synchros line is considered a real piece of art.

4) Güde The Knife;

If you are looking for the perfect Chef's knife, then we recommend that you know "The Knife" of the Gude brand. This knife does not have the classic conventional design of a Chef's knife, as it is the result of numerous studies aimed at ease of use. The Gude The Knife chef's knife is made not only to be admired, but above all to be used.

The knife is made with different handles in order to offer the widest choice to its customers.

Güde kitchen knife set;

Would you like to create your own Güde kitchen knife set? You are in the right place! On KnifePark.com you will find over 100 different Güde products! So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our knives available to compose your set! On this page you will find the best series of the brand available for immediate delivery!

Gude Knives Set


On this page of our online shop, you will also find all the best Güde offers available! Periodically many of our products are put on offer! Have fun comparing all our products on offer available on KnifePark.com

In conclusion;

Today Güde is undoubtedly one of the brands of German origin most requested and appreciated by chefs from all over the world. Thanks to the many lines produced, this company offers both traditional solutions and extremely modern design knives such as the Synchros knife line. On this page dedicated to all the kitchen knives of the brand, you will find over 100 different models, compare all the different solutions, characteristics and prices of the products available.

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