Pipe Barling since 1812 among the best briar smoking pipes

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Pipe Barling since 1812;

The Barling pipe brand was born in London in 1812, the founder is Benjamin Barling, a well-known craftsman specializing in silver processing. The first smoking pipes spread in the Marylebone district of London, from which one of the best-known series of the brand takes its name. Today the brand produces some of the most beautiful pipes for smokers.


History of the Barling brand;

As anticipated in the previous paragraph, the Barling brand of smoking pipes began its history in 1812, when Benjamin Barling opened his first Barling pipe shop in London. Over the years, the brand was managed at a family level, and in the 19th century it became further known for the innovative bruyère briar processing technique. This processing technique involved the use of a selection of high quality briar roots, previously seasoned roots for several years before processing. The Barling brand is today among the oldest in existence.

Pipe Barling

Barling pipe series;

The Barling brand has created numerous series of smoking pipes from 1800 to today. Each series is known for its own distinctive characteristics. Among the most interesting solutions we mention the "Ye Olde Wood" line of pipes, the result of top-level craftsmanship.

Similarly, we recall the "Make" and "Presidential" series of pipes, both featuring classic designs and a slimmer shape than other Barling pipes. Finally, among the best known lines, the "EXEXEL" and "EXEL" pipes, characterized by a particularly accurate processing of the bruyère briar and by an elegant and modern design.

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