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Bracelets with cigar holes

Bracelets with integrated cigar punch;

Here you will find the new creation of the French brand specialized in accessories for Les Fines Lames cigars, the cigar bracelet. This cute, fashionable accessory hides an elegant 7 mm cigar punch made of surgical steel.


Characteristics of the Les Fines Lames bracelet with cigar punch;

The Les Fines Lames bracelet is certainly among the first cigar accessories, designed to blend in perfectly with a smoker. Elegant in appearance, these bracelets are made with different types of semi-precious stones. Their size is about 10 mm each and they vary according to the model in terms of color and type.

All bracelets are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

In conclusion:

Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our different models of cigar cutter bracelets. The best solutions made by the Les Fines Lames brand in France to meet the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts.

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