Art Gladius specializes in the reproduction of medieval items

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Art Gladius

Art Gladius specializes in the reproduction of medieval items;

Art Gladius is a renowned Spanish brand specialized in the production of decorative equipment and armor, which faithfully represent the aesthetics and functionality of historical eras such as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


How did the name Art Gladius come about?

The name "Art Gladius" is derived from Latin, where "Art" means art and "Gladius" means sword, reflecting their commitment to creating authentic works of art in the field of historical instrumentation. Founded in the heart of Spain, the company draws inspiration from Spain's rich traditions of forging and metalworking, integrating centuries-old techniques with modern manufacturing processes to achieve high-quality results.

Art Gladius brand history;

The origins of Art Gladius date back several decades, when a group of craftsmen passionate about history and historical tools combined their skills to create works of art that reflected the aesthetics and functionality of swords from bygone eras. Driven by the pursuit of authenticity and quality, these founders created a brand that quickly distinguished itself in the industry.

From the beginning, Art Gladius has been dedicated to the research and study of ancient production techniques. Its craftsmen closely examined historical swords and armor, studying their details and characteristics to ensure that their reproductions were as faithful as possible to the originals.

Today, Art Gladius continues to keep the tradition of swordsmanship and art alive, producing works of art that combine aesthetic beauty with practical functionality. The brand is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and authenticity, ensuring that each piece carries with it the legacy of swordsmanship through the ages.

Art Gladius catalogue;

The Art Gladius catalog offers a wide range of products, ranging from faithful reproductions of historical swords to fantasy and cinematic-inspired designs. Medieval and Renaissance swords are among the brand's most popular products, with accurate details that reflect their historical authenticity. Each piece is made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, bronze and fine wood, ensuring durability and beauty over time.

The Art Gladius reproductions;

The medieval and Renaissance instruments produced by Art Gladius are among their most distinctive products. These reproductions are made with attention to detail, using high-quality materials such as stainless steel, bronze and fine wood. The blades are forged to faithfully reflect the designs and features of historical swords, while the handles and hilts are finely crafted to provide an excellent grip and eye-catching aesthetic.

Art Gladius also offers a wide range of decorative armour, and smaller tools including rapiers, knives, helmets and breastplates. Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail and dedication to quality that sets the brand apart, ensuring that even the smallest reproductions reflect the art and beauty of eras gone by.

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