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Dissim brand cigar lighter;

On this page you will find all the inverted flame lighters of the Dissim brand! From today, the new Dissim low-temperature lighters are finally available in UE to light the flame even in the most difficult situations. See all the products available for immediate delivery on Knife Park.


Dissim cigar lighter models;

Discover the range of Dissim lighters. Thanks to their revolutionary design, lighting your cigar, pipe or cigarette will be even easier and faster! Thanks to the convenient side window, keeping an eye on the butane level to never run out is even simpler and more immediate!

Dissim inverted flame lighter;

Among the most requested solutions, we point out the availability of the Dissim inverted flame lighter. This solution is ideal for lighting a pipe without burning yourself or for lighting a cigar against the wind.

In fact, this lighter can work in reverse, allowing you to light a fire quickly and easily.

Dissim lighter and case kit;

If you are a fan of Dissim products, we remind you that here you will also find the innovative cases made by the brand. Extremely elegant and beautiful to look at, these are the perfect gift to combine with your Dissim lighter.

The cases are sold separately or in Kit mode with the soft or inverted flame lighter.

Design Products Dissim;

The Dissim brand is today among the best known for its captivating design. Over the years, in addition to its classic gray models, the company has created various variations of this lighter. Here you can find the brand's lighters in Electric Blue, Red, Gold and many others.

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