Akinod, camping cutlery set to always carry with you!

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Akinod cutlery set for every use;

On this page you will find all our Akinod cutlery sets, the ideal camping cutlery to always have with you on every occasion! Whether you are on holiday or at work, these practical table cutlery will allow you to better enjoy your meal in a practical and quick way. Discover all the different colors available!


Why buy an Akinod cutlery set?

Akinod cutlery sets are designed to be compact and easy to transport. For this reason these kitchen cutlery sets are ideal for a trip out or for camping or as everyday cutlery that can be taken to work to eat your take away meals!

Types of cutlery sets Akinod;

There are different types of Akinod cutlery sets, there is the Straight Magnetic 12H34 version and the Multifunction 13H25 version. The first version, the 12H34, is characterized by being a magnetic cutlery set consisting of a fork, spoon and serrated knife.

The Multifunction set is more complete and consists of more tools, in fact it has a fork, spoon and knife with serrated blade, but also a bottle opener and a corkscrew!

In order to satisfy everyone's needs, the cutlery sets of the Akinod brand are made in many versions, almost 50 different colors and patterns per model.


Akinod 12H34;

The Straight Magnetic 12H34 set is characterized by being closer to a classic camping cutlery set. In fact, the latter is made up of a fork, a knife and a spoon which can be assembled quickly thanks to the presence of magnets.

Akinod 13H25;

The Multifunction 13H25 set is a practical set of cutlery that can be taken with you on a trip away from home, but also to the office. This set consists of a fork, spoon and a serrated knife. Besides these, the set features bottle openers and a corkscrew.

Brand News Akinod;

The Akinod brand is now owned by Coriolis, a company founded by Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau, which has been dedicated to the production of cutlery and outdoor equipment since 1995.

Among the best-known brands associated with this French company we also remember Baladéo and Deejo.

The company has specialized for years in the production of cutlery and cutting items in general and boasts years of experience in the production of these items which are made with first choice materials and by specialized craftsmen.

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