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Xikar, US brand specializing in cigar accessories

The Xikar brand was founded in the 90s by Scott Almsberger and Kurt Van Keppel, authors of the famous Xikar guillotine cigar cutter. The brand was born from the desire of the two young founders, to innovate the sector by effectively responding to the needs of the final consumer. Today Xikar stands out as a leading brand in the sector.

Why buy Xikar products?

As mentioned, the brand of accessories for the Xikar cigar was born from the desire of the two young founders to create a series of efficient products capable of best responding to their needs and therefore to the needs of all consumers in the sector. In this sense, the brand has reinvented some of the classic tools in order to make them more functional and practical. Among these we remember for example the famous fan-shaped cigar cutter that can be used with one hand.

Xikar Products;

Cigar Cutter:

Over the years, the Xikar brand has specialized in the creation of numerous different accessories. Cigar cutters, cigarette lighters, ashtrays and much more. Obviously, each of the solutions created was designed in order to exceed standard performance. The brand has in fact created numerous types of cigar cutters, for example XO or the ENSO cigar cutter. However, the most famous series of instruments is certainly the XI2.

Xikar Cigar Cutter

1) Enso;

The Enso cigar cutter is designed for a perfect cut. In Japanese culture, "enso" is a minimalist circle. This double blade cigar cutter opens and closes with the movement of one hand.

2) XI2;

The XI2 cigar cutter is probably one of the models that made the Xikar brand famous in the world. The classic teardrop shape allows you to hold the cigar cutter firmly in your hand. The blades can be opened using the pin positioned in front. ideal for cutting large cigars with one hand.

3) XO;

The XO model is the spring-loaded cigar cutter by Xikar. Thanks to the internal mechanism, the blades are opened automatically, making it easier to open the guillotine cigar cutter with one hand.


If you are a fan of cigar accessories, then surely you have already come across one of the powerful Xikar cigarette lighters. As in the field of cigar cutters, also with regard to this sector, the company has made important technological innovations, multi-burner cigar lighters to light your cigar faster and uniformly regardless of the diameter. In fact, the brand produces several series of multi-burner cigarette lighters. In this way the consumer can choose the best performing solution according to the type of cigar he usually smokes.

xikar cigar Lighter

1) Tactical;

Inspired by the military world, the Xikar Tactical cigar lighter is designed for durability and optimal performance. The flame belongs to the Large Single Jet Flame series, therefore ideal for lighting large cigars in a few moments.

2) Meridian;

For lovers of classic models, the Meridian cigar lighter offers elegance and functionality. The flame is a Large Triple Soft Flame with three fire points to offer the user maximum ignition performance. Three separate flames that come together to create a single fire. Unlike the other more conventional models, the meridian allows the ignition of the fire through the central wheel which, when turned, allows the fire to be released.

3) Allume;

The Allume cigar lighter series is one of the classic lines of the Xikar brand. Elegant and robust, this cigarette lighter is one of the most popular models today. Easily transportable, this cigarette lighter is made in different colors to meet the needs of all fans.

Travel Humidor Xikar;

For enthusiasts who want to always carry their cigars with them, the brand creates its own Travel Humidor Xikar, ideal for always carrying their cigars with them on the go. By using your Humidor, you will be able to keep your cigars at their best even when the outside temperature is drier.

Ashtray for cigars;

Among the most interesting solutions, we also mention the production of Xikar cigar ashtrays. These are sold both individually and in gift boxes or as a gift set. The sets generally consist of a cigar cutter and lighter in addition to the ashtray.

In conclusion;

If you are a fan of cigar accessories, you cannot miss the opportunity to try one of the Xikar products. On this page you will find over 200 products divided by type and price. Have fun comparing the features of the best accessre for cigar available. At Knife Park we have selected for you only the best Xikar products available for immediate delivery!

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