Swiza knives, the Swiss pocket knives made in Swiss


Swiza knives, Swiss pocket knives made in Swiss!

Compare all our Swiza knives. On this page you will find over 100 different Swiss made Swiza pocket knives, divided by functionality and coloring. Do not miss the opportunity to buy one of these multi tools for your home or for your outdoor.

Swiza brand history;

The Swiza brand was born in Switzerland in 1904. The history of Swiza knives, however, is much more recent and begins in 2015 when the brand decides to launch its Swiss Army knife in order to bring a wave of innovation and design to the sector. The success of the house was not long in coming and already in 2016 the Swiza knife won the coveted Reddot design award. From this moment on, the series of products follow one another, bringing interesting innovations to the classic Swiss army knife every year.

Buy a Swiza knives;

Swiza knives are today one of the best solutions available for those who want to buy an original and reliable Swiss knives. In fact, the brand today produces several different models in order to better meet the needs of its customers.

These Swiss knives are available in many colors and with different functions. In fact, depending on the model chosen, each multi tools knife has different functions.

So don't miss the opportunity to compare all our different Swiss knives available for immediate delivery.

Swiza Knives

Features Swiza pocket knife;

Among the most interesting innovative features present in some of the Swiza knives, we remember the Tick-Tool tool patented by the brand for the elimination of ticks from animals. Today the Swiss Army Knife brand is among the best known and most active in the production of Swiss knives and this is also thanks to many of the innovations made by the house. Novelties such as the blade lock, the Tick-Tool, the hair comb and more.

The best Swiza Knives, according to our customers:

Here are some of the solutions of the made in Swiss brand, most appreciated by our customers. For this reason we have chosen to focus your attention on the D03 and D04 models made by the brand, but also on specific versions created in response to the needs of those who love animals such as Tick Tool products.

1) D03;

The Swiss Swiza D03 knives is certainly one of the most popular models. This folding knife has a 7.5cm blade, long enough to do many of the main gardening and outdoor activities. As with all products of the brand, this multi tools Swiss knives has a blade lock that prevents the blade from accidentally closing during work.

2) D04;

If you don't like having the corkscrew among the features of your multi tools, the Swiza D04 is the solution for you. This Swiss knife in fact differs from the D03 version in having the Phillips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew. As for the D03 version, this tool has 11 functions and the blade supplied is 7.5 cm long.

3) Tick Tool;

As already mentioned, the Tick Tool is a particular tweezer designed by the Swiss brand to easily remove fleas and ticks from your animals. This small accessory, present in the Swiza knives equipped with Tick Tool, will allow you to help your 4-legged friends, without risking getting infected by manually removing these insects.

4) Total Black;

The Swiza Total Black lines are among the most requested by many fans of the brand. For several years the company has been making many of its multi tools in total black version, thus creating both the black blade, but also the black handle. In this way these pocket knives offer a unique and attractive design.


In order to offer only the best products to its customers, Swiza knives undergo numerous tests before being put on the market. For these products, in fact, the parent company guarantees operation for a very long time and it is for this reason that each product must be perfect and tested when it leaves the factory.

Swiza Knives pocket knives

Swiza online shop;

KnifePark.com has been one of the leading Swiza online stores for years. In our online catalog you will find over 100 different knives of the made in Swiss brand. Here you will find all the main series of the brand made in different colors and with different functionalities. In our Swiza catalog, you will also find commemorative versions made by the brand for special occasions, such as Christmas versions or art series made with famous designers.

In conclusion;

If you are a fan of Swiss knives or simply looking for an ideal tool for gardening or for your outdoor trips, Swiza knives are the solution for you. Entirely made in Switzerland, these pocket knives offer functionality and design at the same time. So do not miss the opportunity to compare all the products of the brand available in our online shop.

In our catalog you will find hundreds of products of the brand available for immediate delivery. The best solutions selected for you in order to offer you only the best. From commemorative versions, to All Black versions. Have fun comparing all our products and discovering the different features offered by the Swiss made in Swiss knife brand.

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