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Compare all our Swiza knives. On this page you will find over 100 Swiss Army Knives of the Swiza brand. All different made in Swiss products, divided by functionality and color. Do not miss the opportunity to buy one of these multi tools.

History of Swiza knives.

The Swiza brand was born in Switzerland in 1904. The history of Swiza knives, however, is much more recent and begins in 2015 when the brand decides to launch its Swiss army knife made in Swiss in order to bring a wave of innovation and design to the sector. The success of the house was not long in coming and already in 2016 the Swiza knife won the coveted Reddot design award. From this moment on, the series of Swiza knives follow one another, bringing interesting innovations to the classic Swiss army knife every year.

Innovative features of Swiza knives.

Among the most interesting innovative features present in some of the Swiza knives, we remember the Tick-Tool patented by the Swiza brand for the elimination of ticks from animals. Today the brand of Swiss knives Swiza is among the best known and active in the production of Swiss knives and this is also thanks to many of the innovations made by the house. Novelties such as the blade lock, the Tick-Tool, the hair comb and more.

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