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Les Fines Lames

Les Fines Lames the French brand specialized in cigar accessories!

Here you can find our Les Fines Lames brand products. If you are a fan of cigars and cigar cutters or cigar accessories in general, then don't miss the opportunity to compare all our products from the famous brand of cigar accessories made in France, Les Fines Lames.


News about the Les Fines Lames brand;

The Les Fines Lames cigar accessories brand began its journey in 2015 in France. Thanks to the work of the founder Pierre Jourdan who in 2015 created the first cigar knife entirely made in France, named "The Original". The idea was born from the union of two passions, one for knives and one for the world of cigars.

The brand was born as DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand) with just one highly successful product, the cigar cutter. From here, given the enormous success of the product, the company continues along this path, creating numerous other accessories designed for enthusiasts of the cigar world.

In 2018 Pablo Rodet joins the Team, Together with whom the French group decides to pursue the challenge of creating a single premium cigar cutter 100% made in France. The aim was to offer a unique product made by the best French manufacture at a competitive price.

The Les Fines Lames product lines;

From 2015 to today, the Les Fines Lames brand has significantly expanded its catalog and creations. The company specializing in cigar accessories no longer produces only cigar cutters, but also produces design table ashtrays, leather goods, such as credit card holders and most recently the Punch bracelet line.

Les Fines lames

As with the cigar cutter, it has decided to surprise the world of cigar accessories again, creating trendy bracelets equipped with cigar punches. These bracelets can therefore blend into casual clothing and allow the user to always be ready to cut his own cigar to smoke it, even without having his own classic cigar cutter with him.

1) Cigar cutter;

The product that made the brand famous are undoubtedly the Les Fines Lames cigar cutter knives. the perfect middle ground between an EDC knife and a professional cigar cutter. In fact, these objects are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very functional, being able to be used for different purposes. Today, the brand makes numerous versions of its cigar cutter.

2) Bracelets;

Among the novelties, they also point out the bracelets with forasigars. These trendy bracelets are born a beautiful cigar punch made of surgical steel. They are undoubtedly the ideal solution to always be able to have your cigar cutter with you.

3) Table ashtray;

Finally, among the most requested accessories of the brand we remember the series of table ashtrays. These items are among the most beautiful on the market today. Made in different shapes and colors, they offer all enthusiasts the opportunity to use a design but at the same time sturdy table ashtray.

In conclusion:

If you are a fan of cigar accessories, and you are looking for an innovative cigar cutter, different from any type of product made up to now, the solutions of the Les Fines Lames brand are certainly right for you. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our products and accessories for the French brand cigar that you find available on this page on Knife Park. Here you will find the cigar cutters of the French brand, the designer concrete table ashtrays, as well as all the different bracelets with cigar cutters divided by size.

So don't miss the opportunity to compare all our brand products. On this page you will find dozens of knives for cutting cigars, but not only. If you are a fan of cigar accessories, we also recommend that you view our page dedicated to the world of smoking articles. In fact, on our "Smoke Zone" page you will find many solutions selected for you. From guillotine cigar cutters to cigar lighters.

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