The Yanagiba Knife, the perfect sushi and sashimi knife

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Yanagiba Knife

The Yanagiba Knife, the perfect sushi and sashimi knife

The Yanagiba knife, also known as "Japanese Katana", is one of the most sought after and appreciated traditional Japanese knives in the world of Japanese cuisine. Its elongated shape has been designed to allow a clean cut of sashimi or fish with a single hand movement.


Characteristics of the Yanagiba knife

Thanks to the long blade of the Yanagiba knife it is possible to better prepare sushi and sashimi without the risk of imperfections. The size of the blade of this knife is in fact designed to allow a clean and precise cut with a single movement of the hand. By using this technique, the characteristic serrated effect that an inexperienced hand can cause in the cutting phase is therefore avoided if it is forced to go over to complete the work.

This feature has made the Yanagiba knife one of the most popular tools for those who love to make the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine with their own hands. It is no coincidence that many, not knowing the name of this tool, refer to it as the "sushi knife".

Obviously the characteristics of this kitchen knife also make it suitable for many other different activities. Many aficionados in fact use this knife to prepare carpaccio or to cut ham extremely thinly.

In conclusion:

If you are looking for the best traditional Japanese knives, the Yanagiba knife certainly cannot be missing in your collection. The characteristic shape of this kitchen knife places it among the most sought-after tools for the realization of the best Asian dishes together with the Santoku knife or the Deba and Nakiri knife.

So don't miss the opportunity to compare all our different traditional Japanese knives. Discover the different models and different types of Yanagiba knives available.

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