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Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket chainsaw for outdoor:

The survival pocket chainsaw for outdoor is one of the most interesting solutions for the most passionate hikers. The Pocket Chainsaw is in fact one of the few viable alternatives to the folding saw for bushcrafting activities. This is in fact extremely light, flexible and can be transported very easily.



Why buy a Pocket Chainsaw?

Buying a Pocket Chainsaw for your outdoor excursions allows you to solve countless problems. If you are a bushcraft enthusiast for example, using this tool you can easily find a small log to fire in a few minutes.

For those who love to immerse themselves in nature, in fact, one of the most beautiful activities is bushcraft. Where the most experienced, thanks to a series of survival techniques, are able to survive with basic elements. In this sense, in fact, it is sufficient to find the wood, split it into small pieces and light a fire to warm up and cook.

A pocket chainsaw in this sense is probably one of the most practical and light tools to always carry with you, to cut small logs when these are not already available.

Pocket chainsaw for outdoor.

How to use a Pocket Chainsaw.

Using a Pocket Chainsaw is not particularly complicated. in fact it is sufficient to go around the log you want to cut with the chain, and start sawing by pulling the two handles alternately from one side to the other.

If you want to use the Pocket Chainsaw to carry out pruning activities, it is important to have some small precautions if you do not want to damage the bark of the plant.

Before starting to saw the trunk in this direction, it is good to turn the chain on the trunk 360 degrees in order to leave a groove on the first layer of the bark. In this way, when the trunk is cut, it will be possible to obtain a clean cut on the plant. On the contrary, in the final phase of the cut the hardest bark risks not being cut uniformly, thus tearing and tearing the same bark in the lowest part of the trunk that you do not want to cut.

In concusion;

Using a manual pocket chainsaw can be very useful if you want to always have with you all the essential tools to do Bushcraft. Having a bushcraft knife is indeed important, but it is often not enough on its own. This in fact allows you to split the trunks into two or more parts, but if the main trunk is missing, the knife alone will not be enough to cut the trunk of a tree.

For this reason, both the Pocket chainsaw and the folding saw are highly sought after by lovers of survival.

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