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Cigar Lighter

Cigar lighter, the best refillable jet flame models;

If you're looking for the best cigar lighter to buy online, you've come to the right place. Here you will find many models of blowtorch lighters, jet flame lighters to light your larger cigars in a few moments. Compare all our immediately available models.

Why buy a cigar lighter?

If you are a cigar lover, you know how important it is to buy a cigar lighter, especially if you want to light a big cigar. The larger the diameter of the cigar, the greater the firepower required to ensure proper ignition. A jet flame cigar lighter has multiple burners and allows you to light your larger cigar in moments. In fact, the problem with conventional lighters is related to the correct distribution of the flame. In fact, this is not easy to steer and, above all, since it is not particularly strong, there is a risk of only partially lighting the cigar, affecting its use.

What is a Jet Flame cigar lighter?

The Jet Flame cigar lighter is the cigarette lighter that releases an upward flame similar to that of a blowtorch when in use. For this reason, the jets of flame from cigar lighters are also colloquially called blowtorch lighters. Unlike conventional lighters, the jet flame lighter is refilled with butane and can be equipped with more flames depending on the power. A Jet Flame table lighter can be equipped with more than 6 flames that ignite at the same time.

Cigar Lighter

Cigar lighter models:

Below we indicate the different types of cigar lighter that are most appreciated and requested by our customers. The best models of pocket lighters for sale online.

1) jet flame cigar lighter;

The Jet Flame cigar lighter needs no introduction. This powerful lighter will allow you to light a cigar in seconds thanks to its power. Depending on the model, this type of cigar lighter can have one or more burners.

2) luxury;

If you are a lover of luxury, do not miss the opportunity to compare all our luxury cigar lighters in stock. Here you will find our best accessories for the luxury cigar, made by the best brands.

3) Cigar lighter torch;

Looking for the best cigar accessories? Compare our Cigar lighter torch from the best brands. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all of our best cigar accessories for sale at

4) Electric cigar lighter;

On this page you will also find many Electric cigar lighters. Various models of electric cigar accessories, designed to best meet your needs. The best solutions to quickly light up your cigar.

5) Tabletop;

As we mentioned earlier, there are also some very powerful jet flame cigar lighters because they have multiple flames that ignite at the same time. These lighters tend to be sturdier and therefore more difficult to transport and are therefore commonly referred to as table lighters. The table lighter was particularly popular in the past because the first models worked with oil and were very bulky. Today these models have been replaced by smaller lighters, but still of considerable size due to the different flames used. A very famous example of a jet flame tabletop lighter is the famous Xikar tabletop.

Brands cigar lighter:

Cigar Lighter Brand

What are the best cigar lighter brands? There are many brands of professional cigar lighters, but which are the best?

1) Xikar;

Surely you know the Xikar cigar lighter, the cigar accessory of the well-known American brand. This company has been making many of the best luxury cigar accessories on the market for years. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our available products.

2) Dissim;

Among the innovations in the sector, we highlight the new Dissim cigar lighter. The company, which specializes in the manufacture of smoking accessories, has become famous for its innovative cigar lighters for use against the wind.

3) Rattray;

Among the brands that produce cigar lighters, we also highlight Rattray, the brand known for the manufacture of English pipes and tobacco, which also produces innovative lighters for luxury cigars.


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