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Vector cigar lighters;

Vector is a well-known manufacturer of lighters and smoking items in general. Among the best-known products are table lighters, Jet Flame cigar lighters specifically designed for use with cigars. Vector cigar lighters are prized by cigar enthusiasts for their reliability, durability and ergonomic design.


Types of Vector lighters;

For cigar lovers, there are specific types of lighters designed to offer optimal ignition without compromising the taste of the cigar. When choosing a cigar lighter, it is important to consider the quality of the flame, the flame setting, and make sure that the lighter does not negatively affect the flavor of the cigar.

Jet flame cigar lighters;

Jet flame lighters are particularly popular among cigar enthusiasts because they provide a powerful, concentrated flame, ideal for lighting cigars in an even and controlled manner.

Multi jet flame cigar lighters;

This type of lighter can emit multiple flames at the same time, covering a larger surface. This type of lighter is useful for larger cigars and for faster, more uniform combustion.

Soft flame lighters;

Soft flame lighters refer to lighters that produce a broader, less intense flame than jet or torch flames. These lighters are often associated with cigar and pipe lighting, where a softer flame may be preferred to avoid damage to the tobacco and to achieve a more uniform burn.

Vector Quadpump lighters:

Vector Quadpump table lighters have always been synonymous with pure elegance, power and dynamism. The Vector Quad pump boasts a quad-merger jet torch flame and a luxurious rustic body finish. The integrated side handle allows for maximum grip and feel. A blend of felt and alcántara covers the base, which also features a magnetic removable punch plate. The timeless design of the Vector Quadpump truly makes this item a piece of art and a tabletop flashlight at the same time.

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