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NexTorch flashlights, Tactical flashlights for your outdoor.

Do you want to buy NexTorch flashlights? If you are looking for a military flashlight for your excursions, you are in the right place. On this page you will find over 40 models of NexTorch tactical flashlights, the best solutions for hunters and hikers who want a reliable product.

Why buy NexTorch led flashlights;

The NexTorch led flashlight brand has been one of the brands most attentive to the different needs of hikers and hunters for several years. The powerful rechargeable led flashlight of the NexTorch brand are in fact made with highly wear and water resistant materials. Among the aspects that most characterize these military flashlight beyond the captivating design, we note the use of refined materials for their realization. materials such as highly resistant and light anodized aluminum or the use of removable rechargeable batteries, which can always be kept charged.

Hunting set;

If you are a hunter, you are looking for a led torch to be fixed to your rifle, possibly equipped with a remote control to illuminate the hunting area when you are far away, the NexTorch brand led flashlight are for you. In fact, the company has been marketing its military flashlight for several years both individually and in a hunting set version. When we talk about Set we refer to a series of accessories that are sold together with the flashlight. Tools such as the remote control of the torch, the riser, the external charging cable and a rechargeable battery specific to the model of torch purchased.

Popular flashlights Models:

NexTorch flashlights

If you have never purchased a NexTorch flashlight yet, you want to experiment with the brand, but you don't know which product to choose, here are some of the most requested and appreciated models of the brand.

1) TA30;

The Nextorch TA30 led flashlight is probably one of the most requested military torches today by hikers and hunters in general. Made of ultra-light 6061-T6 aluminum, this torch offers a light output of up to 1300 lumens led. With a high level of waterproofing (IPX8) and strong impact resistance, this tactical tool is certainly one of the most interesting solutions offered by the brand.

2) TA40;

the Nextorch TA40 military flashlight, now available only in the Set version, is certainly one of the most requested models by expert hunters. Extremely light, this battery-free flashlight weighs only 124 grams made of Mil-Specs grade 1 '' anodized aluminum and offers the perfect balance between strength and lightness. The Reference Kit offers remote control of the torch an optical adapter and the support system to keep the torch firmly on the shotgun.

3) Tactical Set Wl50 IR;

Rifle Tactical Flashlight, Nextorch Tactical Set Wl50 IR. Green light flashlight ideal for hunting in the forest. The green light of this torch is not perceived by the animals.

4) T5G Led dual-light;

The latter model reported is one of the bestsellers of the NexTorch brand. Thanks to the Dual Light technology it offers a double white and green light of different intensity. The green light as it is known is widely used in hunting as it is not perceived by some animals.

Official NextTorch Shop;

If you're looking for an official NexTorch store, you've come to the right place. has been one of the brand's official resellers in Europe for years. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our tactical flashlight models. On our website you can compare all available models with just a few clicks.


If you are a hunter looking for the perfect tactical tool for your excursions, the NexTorch led flashlights are undoubtedly the solution for you. Don't miss the opportunity to compare the features of the over forty models available on Knife Park. Here we have selected for you only the best military flashlights of the brand, the best products available to make your hunting extraordinary.

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