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Steak knives

Steak Knives, Which Are The Best?

Do you want to buy some steak knives, but don't know which ones to choose? On this page on Knife Park you will find some of the best meat knives for sale online. Have fun comparing all our types of kitchen knives and our steak knife sets made by the best kitchen cutlery brands.

Smooth or serrated steak knives?

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when considering the purchase of steak knives is should they be smooth-bladed, serrated or partially serrated? What changes ?

While for many, choosing a steak knives with a smooth blade or a serrated blade is unimportant, for those who are passionate about meat the difference can be fundamental. But what really changes if we cut our steak with a serrated or smooth blade knife?

One of the most obvious aspects is certainly the visual one. In fact, using a smooth blade knife allows the user to cut a perfectly smooth slice of meat, without damaging the food. A smooth blade allows a cut without filaments or without fraying the slice of meat which remains perfect until the end. On the other hand, however, a knife with a serrated or partially serrated blade can be more practical than a knife with a smooth blade, especially if the meat of the animal has filaments. Using a smooth-bladed knife on this type of meat, especially if the knife is not well sharpened, can become very tiring.

steak knives

In this sense, therefore, there is no perfect type of blade for every need, but there are different types of meat knives depending on the type of meat to be cut.

To best meet the different needs, many companies have also been making partially serrated steak knives for years, where however the serration is in the upper part of the blade. In this way the knife allows a double functionality, offering the user the possibility to cut the meat both with the smooth blade, but to use the serrated tip where it is needed.

Handmade or industrial steak knives?

Another question that many ask themselves concerns the processing of the knife, is it better an handmade or industrial steak knives? Here, too, the answer is by no means trivial. In fact, an handmade steak knives is certainly a unique and rare product, but at the same time it has not necessarily been tested for this reason. On the contrary, a semi-artisanal or industrial knife has certainly undergone greater quality controls, a series of tests designed to ensure greater resistance of the knife against wear.

So which one to choose? The answer is by no means trivial, although in our opinion, when choosing among the best steak knives on the market, one also pays a lot of attention to the reliability of the brand. A reliable brand that makes a semi-handmade product is certainly a guarantee in these cases.

Steak Knives set;

If you are looking for a steak knives set, you have come to the right place. On this page we have selected for you, some of the best steak knives sets available online. Do not miss the opportunity to compare all our knives sets. Thanks to our product filters, in a few clicks you can easily find the best solution for your needs in the kitchen.


Below we have selected for you the names of some of the best brands of steak knives sets. Have fun discovering and comparing the many products made by these successful brands. On this page you will find the Opinel knives sets, but also the solutions of the German brand F. Dick and many others.

1) Opinel;

If you are a fan of kitchen knives, you will surely already know the Opinel steak knife sets. The French brand famous for making outdoor knives, has been making table knives for several years. Here we have selected for you, some of the best series of Opinel kitchen knives made in France.

2) F. Dick;

As you surely already know, the German brand F. Dick has specialized for years in the production of some of the best kitchen knives. Among these could not miss the steak knives that the company produces for many of the many series of kitchen products available today.

3) Samura;

The Samura brand is famous among enthusiasts for the captivating design of its knives and for the use of precious materials. Among the creations of the brand could not miss the meat knives. In this page on you will find many of the table knives made by the brand to satisfy your sight and your senses.

4) ICEL;

Among the novelties, the ICEL knives should certainly be mentioned. The brand is famous for making its knives in Portugal, in order to take advantage of the best European manufacturing. Among the models available made by the brand, we therefore point out the numerous and different ICEL steak knives sets.

In conclusion;

In this descriptive article, we have tried to best answer many of the questions we are asked about meat knives. We have in fact clarified what are the differences between smooth-bladed steak knives and serrated-bladed ones, highlighting how smooth-bladed models are preferred by those who care a lot about the aesthetic appearance of meat while eating it. In this sense, however, we have also seen how the serrated blade knife offers a series of advantages if the meat is not devoid of filaments. Finally, we have also highlighted some of the most interesting aspects that differentiate artisanal knives, compared to semi-artisanal or industrial knives. Now all you have to do is compare all our different kitchen knives and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

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