Pipe Rattray's, Scotland's finest smoking pipes.


Pipe Rattray's, The smoking pipes that made history;

If you are looking for Rattray's smoking pipes, you are in the right place! On this page we have selected for you all our best Rattray's smoking pipes. In our catalog you will find over 150 different pipes of the Irish brand. Have fun comparing different models and choose the best pipe for you.


Pipe brand history Rattray's;

The history of the Rattray's brand began in 1903 thanks to the activity of Charles Rattray, a well-known Scottish merchant who was passionate about tobacco and smoked pipes. His shop was originally located in Perth Scotland from where he operated his business.

The production of Rattray's smoking pipes begins almost simultaneously with the production of tobacco. Originally the pipes were made using high quality wood from the Scottish mountains.

The production of the brand was immediately very successful, distinguishing itself for the attention to detail and the high quality of the materials used for the production.

Over the years, the Rattray's brand has passed into the hands of several families, finally in 2018 the brand became the property of the German company Kohlhase & Kopp which maintained production by continuing to offer high quality solutions, helping to maintain the Scottish brand as a symbol of excellence for pipe smokers from all over the world.

Pipe Rattray's

Types of pipes produced by the Rattray's brand;

In order to meet the needs of the majority of smoking pipe enthusiasts, the Rattray's brand today produces different types of pipes. The different lines created by the brand today are therefore produced in the main forms requested by smokers. Specifically, let's see now what are the main forms used for production.


The bent pipe is a pipe with a curved shape, which is characterized precisely by its curved barrel. The curvature of the barrel can be light or accentuated depending on the model of pipe.


Among the most widespread solutions, we mention the Bulldog pipe. The shape of this smoking pipe is characterized by being square with a short barrel and a long spout. The name of this type of pipe takes its name from the name of the dog since according to some its shape recalls the animal's appearance.


Unlike other types of smoking pipes, the shape of the billiard pipe is characterized by its particular cylindrical shape with a long, straight barrel. Billiard smoking pipes are characterized by being generally smooth and devoid of particular ornaments. The narrow and elongated shape of this pipe makes it the ideal tool for a concentrated and slow smoke.


Finally, among the most common solutions, we could not fail to mention the Dublin shape used in many Rattray's pipes. The Dublin shape is easily recognizable as it is characterized by its truncated cone shape with a straight spout and a long, thin spout. Its name takes its name from the city of Dublin in Ireland where this type of pipe was made for the first time.

Pipe Rattray's

Why buy a Rattray's pipe?

There are several reasons for buying a Rattray's pipe. the first of all certainly concerns the high quality of the products made by the brand. In fact, the company makes its smoking pipes using the best briar and heather wood. Materials which, as is known, are able to absorb humidity more, thus allowing for a more pleasant smoke.

Tradition is certainly another aspect to take into consideration. As we have seen in fact, the brand offers an important history in the world of smoking pipes. Its foundation dates back to 1903 and in over 100 years of history the company has had the opportunity to perfect its products more and more.

The Rattray's pipe brand also offers an extensive catalog full of different offers and solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding smokers.

In conclusion:

If you're a smoking pipe enthusiast, you've probably already heard of the Rattray's brand products. On this page dedicated to the brand's products, we offer you the opportunity to compare the features and prices of the best smoking pipes of the brand. So don't miss the opportunity to compare the different solutions available here. On our site you will find over 150 different models of Rattray smoking pipes.

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