Morakniv Eldris the neck knife designed for survival

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Morakniv Eldris

Morakniv Eldris knife

Do you know all the Morakniv Eldris knife models? On this page on Knife Park, we present all our Mora Eldris available for immediate delivery! So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our available models selected for you by our team of experts!

Buy the Morakniv Eldris neck knife;

The Morakniv Eldris knife is considered among enthusiasts, one of the most functional neck knives on the market today. Although its blade is only 2mm thick and its length is 59mm, the Morakniv Eldris has many of the characteristics of a good survival knife. Thanks to its ergonomic handle that allows a secure grip, this knife can be used comfortably for many functions offering a high level of safety with every cut. The Mora Eldris is also available in different high visibility colors, in order to make this small neck knife easily identifiable in any context. Among the novelties there is also the possibility of purchasing the Eldris version with Fire Kit.

Morakniv Eldris

Types of Eldris knife;

There are different models of Eldris knife, the Swedish brand over the years, has in fact created different versions of the same product in order to offer more alternatives to its customers. In fact, this small survival knife can be considered one of the best neck knives on the market today. In fact, it can be used for the most common camping activities, but also to light a fire if you have the fire kit model.

1) Mora eldris light duty;

One of the most popular versions is the Morakniv Eldris Lightduty, this small flexible blade knife is the ideal tool to store in your pocket or toolbox. The polished Swedish stainless steel blade is 2mm thick to offer the best flexibility for every use.

2) Morakniv Eldris Fire-Kit;

Among the novelties of recent years, we point out the Mora Eldris Fire-Kit which offers the possibility of using this knife to light the fire. The back of the blade can in fact be used as a flint to make sparks.

Alternative to Mora Eldris;

To meet the needs of all fans, the Morakniv brand has re-proposed the knife in different variants and alternatives. In fact, the different models of the series are made with different blades and colors and this in order to offer the greatest number of varieties possible. On this page on you will find dozens of different products, so don't miss the opportunity to compare all our Mora Eldris knives available for immediate delivery.

Box Morakniv Eldris;

If you are a hiker and want to buy different models of Mora Eldris, then don't miss the opportunity to buy the dedicated Box. On this page, among the various accessories, you will also find the special Eldris Boxes ideal for survival schools and hiking lovers.

Morakniv shop:

Are you looking for an official Morakniv knife shop? Then you're in the right place! has been one of the main retailers of the Mora brand for years, so don't miss the opportunity to compare all our available products. On this page, we have selected over 100 different models of Morakniv knives for you!


Remember that all our Morakniv Eldris knives have undergone TESTS by the Swedish parent company before being put on the market. Do not risk buying an imitation, buy only the best original Morakniv products.

In conclusion;

On this page we have had the opportunity to explain in detail why buying a Morakniv Eldris knife can be useful. We have seen specifically some of the main features offered by these products by looking specifically at some of the main models in production today. Features, alternatives, reviews and functionality of this extraordinary neck knife designed for the world of outdoor survival.

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