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Samura knives: The 18 lines of kitchen knives of the Samura brand

Samura knives were born in 2003 after the foundation of the brand. With typically Asian lines, many of the Samura knives refer to the typical shapes of Japanese knives. Here it is in fact possible to compare over 18 lines of kitchen knives.

History of Samura knives;

The history of Samura knives begins in 2003 after a first collaboration with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta ended. In this phase of close collaboration, the company acquires the techniques of traditional Japanese manufacturing, at the basis of its production. Today the Samura knife brand represents the best compromise between traditional Asian manufacturing and innovative European production processes.


the different lines of Samura knives are designed to best meet the needs of Asian and European chefs. In fact, the brand, aware of the strong limitations offered by classic Japanese knives, has always worked to overcome and eliminate the typical weaknesses of Japanese blades. In fact, traditional Japanese knives are known to be particularly fragile, and this is partly due to the high percentage of carbon steel present in the blades. To answer this problem, for years, the Samura brand has been making its kitchen knives in Japanese steel hardened to a hardness of 58 - 61 HRC. By reducing the percentage of carbon in the blades, thus obtaining sturdy and long-lasting knives. The sharpening angle of Samura knives is also characteristic. These kitchen knives are sharpened at an angle of 17 degrees, a wider angle than that typically found in a Japanese knife.

Why buy Samura knives?

Today the Samura knife brand has grown considerably since 2003, the company has in fact significantly expanded the number of lines in production and this in order to better meet the different needs of professional chefs or cooking enthusiasts. In fact, the brand today boasts the production of over 18 lines of active knives, different in terms of characteristics and design. Today the brand makes its lines with excellent materials such as Micarta, G10 or Kraton as regards the handles, while for steel, depending on the line, steels such as AUS 8 or AUS 10 are used.

Samura Knives


Searching the net, there are many blogs and comparison sites where you can read many reviews of his Samura knives. In fact, for several years, this brand of kitchen knives has attracted the attention of the many enthusiasts who have decided to carefully try and experiment with the performance of these knives. In fact, online on Youtube there are many demonstration videos and reviews reported by chefs and / or enthusiasts who test the brand's products in cutting tomatoes or other vegetables that are generally more difficult to cut.

In fact, for several years, in order to make known the exceptional qualities of its products, the brand has entered into numerous collaborations also with important professionals in the food sector. International level testimonials who still use the brand's products with satisfaction.

Most requested series:

The Samura brand currently has numerous lines in production, currently almost 20 series of kitchen knives made with different characteristics. In this sense, it was not easy to choose 4 knife lines among the many made, so we decided to let ourselves be guided by the feedback from our customers who have chosen these lines over the years.

1) 67 Damascus;

The 67 Damascus series is not the only line of kitchen knives in Damascus steel made by the Samura brand, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful. The knives of this line are characterized by being Full Tang. The blades are hand sharpened on stone and the damascus steel is made in 67 layers. To complete the whole, the handle made of micarta, a material used in the outdoor sector and known for its resistance.

2) BlackSmith;

Among the solutions of greatest interest, we also point out the BlackSmith series. Made of hammered steel, the knives of this series are sold wrapped in a characteristic fabric with oriental designs. As with the brand's other finest lines, Samura BlackSmith knives are made with Micarta handles.

3) Super 5;

Among the most requested series, we could not fail to point out the Samura Super 5. Made of precious 5-layer VG-10 damascus steel, this series of knives is worked in order to offer the end user a perfect balance between hardness and flexibility of the blade. . The latter actually offers a degree of hardness equal to 61 HRC.

4) Meteora;

Finally we point out what is certainly one of the most discussed lines of the brand, the Samura Meteora series. The characteristic design of this series of kitchen knives leaves you breathless. The blade made of fine Japanese AUS 10 steel is characterized by its rough appearance enriched by small hammering on the surface that characterize the design.

Samura knives reviews;

Our personal opinion on this innovative brand of kitchen knives, can only be superlative. Regardless of the line, in fact, the brand has always offered its users extremely high cutting standards. Even the cheaper lines of the brand are in fact designed to last over time and made with quality materials. The use of Japanese steel, known for its extraordinary qualities, is one of the prerogatives of these knives, famous precisely for their extraordinary cutting performance.

In Conclusion;

If you are a fan of Japanese knives or kitchen knives in general, then don't miss the opportunity to compare all the lines of Samura knives that can be purchased online. On this page, you can easily compare all our Samura lines, comparing prices, availability and materials in minutes. Discover the new line of Samura damascus kitchen knives or classic Japanese solutions such as the Mo-V knives.

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