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Boveda, products for the regulation of humidity;

Check out all of our Boveda humidity control products. This leading company offers many products to manage the humidity of an enclosed environment such as a cigar humidor. Discover all the different Humidor controls of the Boveda brand available here.


Boveda Company;

The Boveda product company was founded in 1997 in Minneapolis in the USA in Minnesota. Thanks to a wide range of quality products, this company soon became a world leader in the sector, offering different solutions for humidity control in closed environments.

Today all the brand's patented products offer the possibility for users to protect their moisture-sensitive goods effortlessly and for a long time. In fact, the use of these products does not require maintenance, and they work autonomously for up to 2/3 months.

Instructions for using Boveda products;

Using Boveda products is simple and immediate. In fact, to use these humidifiers it is sufficient to remove the plastic package in which the paper filter is enclosed. (attention, do not open the paper package, but only the external plastic package. Once the filter has been freed from the protective plastic, it will be sufficient to insert the latter in the closed environment to allow control of the humidity inside the environment.

Humidor Boveda

Where to use Boveda humidor filters?

Where can Boveda humidor filters be used? Being a product made with natural ingredients, there are several functions that can be pursued. In fact, Boveda filters can be used inside a cigar humidor to better control the humidity of your cigars, but not only.

The brand's filters can be used for inside food containers such as those where food or coffee is stored. In this way it will be possible to control the humidity inside the jar. Similarly, you can use these filters to care for wooden musical instruments. By inserting one of these filters in the case where you store your violin or guitar etc.

Finally, many use these filters in gardening when creating a closed plant terrarium. In fact, by inserting the filter in the pot it is possible to help the plant regulate the humidity inside the plant terrarium.

Boveda Humidor Intensity:

To better respond to customer needs, the brand creates different types of filters that differ in the quantity of product inserted inside the filter and the percentage of humidity retained by it. In this sense, there are filters that offer different levels of humidity control up to 84/85%.

Example types of filters:

Humidor Boveda Xikar

All types of filters shown here are the result of a mixture of mineral salts and purified water, all enclosed in a semi-permeable membrane. All in order to provide a constant level of humidity, ideal for the correct conservation of the natural oils and sugars present in the cigar.

1) Boveda 67g Humidor Control 62%;

2)  Boveda 60g Humidor Control 69%;

3) Filter Boveda 60g Humidor Control 75%;

4) Boveda 60g Humidor Control 84%;

The use for the conservation of cigars;

The use of these filters, helps to provide a constant level of humidity, without maintenance or other activities. In this way these products help the correct conservation of the cigars. To make the best use of these products, however, it is necessary that the packaging is inserted in the Humidor box, regardless of whether this is made of wood or aluminium.

By attaching these products to the Cigar Humidor, they will add or reduce humidity while maintaining the specific designed humidity percentage.

In conclusion:

If you are looking for Boveda Humidors, you are in the right place! On this page we have selected for you some of the most requested and sold products of the brand. Filters for humidity control, but not only. Don't miss the chance to check out all the different available products offered by the made in USA brand.

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