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Spyderco kitchen knives

On this page, you will find the best Spyderco kitchen knives. As is well known, the Spyderco outdoor knife brand has been producing exciting Japanese knife lines for several years.

Unlike other brands that are dedicated to making kitchen knives that have only the shapes of Japanese knives, most Spyderco Japanese kitchen knives are made in Japan and are the fruit of the best local craftsmanship.


Specifically, the house produces both lines of classic Japanese knives, characterized by the characteristic shape of the stepped handle that recalls the armor of the ancient samurai, and the very high level series such as the ITAME and WAKIITA made by the famous craftsman and designer Murray Carter.

These two lines of Japanese knives in particular undoubtedly represent the pinnacle of Japanese culture. Perfect combination between the professionalism of the Spyderco American knife house and the craftsmanship of the masters from the Japanese culture. 



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