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The best cigar cutter for fans!

The cigar cutter has always been the most popular tool among cigar lovers. On this page you will find the best accessories available on Knife Park. Guillotine cigar cutters, cigar punches, knives, scissors and much more, compare our available products.

Why buy a cigar cutter?

If you are thinking of buying a professional cigar cutter, you have come to the right place. On this page of you will find over 100 different professional accessories from the best brands, selected by our team of experts. In this category page you will find guillotine solutions, cigar punches, scissors and many other realities selected for you!

Guillotine cigar cutters;

The guillotine cigar cutter is considered by many aficionados to be one of the best cigar accessories. While its function may seem obvious, few understand the level of innovation this tool brings. In fact, in the past it was necessary to use a knife or, more generally, a blade to prick a cigar. Using a knife to remove the last part of the cigar is a very risky procedure. If the knife is not well sharpened or the hand is not steady, the cut can be inaccurate, the leaves that make up the cigar can break and all this can affect the non-use of the cigar.

The guillotine, on the other hand, allows a clean cut of the leaves. The extremely sharp blades of this tool allow a smooth and precise cut without the risk of damaging the leaves. Also, this tool does not necessarily require a countertop like with a knife. This makes it easy to cut and smoke the cigar in any setting.

Cigar cutter

Which class cigar cutter?

Among cigar lovers, many wonder which cigar cutter is the best noble. All of these accessories perform a similar function, so how do I know which ones are the best? One of the aspects that can surely help you in your choice is the size of the cigar you want to smoke. In fact, the cigar cutter allows you to cut the tip of medium-sized cigars even over 75/80 RG, while the cigar cutter is less functional in this sense.

Many fine accessories don't have the ability to cut very large cigars, so it's important to match the width of the cut to the size of the hole.

Choosing the best cigar cutters is not that easy. Some prefer smaller door accessories than keychains, others prefer tableware, and still others prefer to buy scissors.


1) Guillotine cigar cutter;

Surely you already know the guillotine cigar cutters. These tools are among the most popular among cigar smokers around the world. This easy to use accessory allows for a clean cut of the cigar with one hand for easier lighting. In this category you will find hundreds of products tailored to your needs.

2) Table cigar cutter;

The table cigar cutter is one of the most popular classic accessories for smokers. This tool can be placed on a piece of furniture or on a table in the living room and used in a moment of relaxation. The design of these accessories, which can be admired even when not in use, is very pleasant. These are often bought only as a piece of furniture.

3) Scissors;

Many smokers love cigar cutters. On this page you will find several specific solutions that best suit your needs.

4) Cigar cutter knife;

The cigar cutter knife is one of the new products that we would like to pay special attention to. These tools are not the classic pocket knives, but they have a hole in the handle where you can insert the tip of the cigar to be cut. One of the most important producer brands is the French company Les Fines Lames.

5) Cigar cutter V Cut;

Finally, we couldn't help but report on V-Cut cigar cutters. This particular type of tool is ideal when you want to make a V-shaped cut at the base of the cigar. In this way it will be possible to obtain more smoke than the classic clean cut.

Recommended brands:

The world of cigar cutters is very diverse and it is often difficult to find your way around the many brands and the different solutions proposed. It's easy to come across new brands online, but which ones are really reliable? On this page we have selected for you only the best professional brands on the market today, top-level solutions designed to offer the best performance, such as Xikar products or the solutions from the French brand Les Fines Lames. Here you will find our selection of brands from around the world, USA, France, UK and more. the best brands of cigar accessories on a single page.

1) Xikar;

Among the most famous cigar cutter brands, we certainly remember Xikar. The American company has been a leader in the field of cigar accessories for years. Xikar products have always been among the most popular and sought after in the collecting world.

Xikar Cigar cutter

2) Les-Fines-Lames;

Among the novelties we highlight the new French brand Les Fines Lames. This company, specializing in the manufacture of cigar accessories, quickly gained an important role in the sector and is now one of the most respected companies internationally.

3) Palio;

Finally, among the important brands, we highlight Palio, a well-known brand of cigar accessories that has been producing interesting, high-quality guillotine cigar cutters for years.


Remember that all of our cigar cutters have been TESTED. The brands presented here carry out numerous tests on their products in order to offer the end customer the best products. If you're a fan of smoking items, don't miss the opportunity to compare all our products in stock, selected for you by our team of experts among the best brands.

Cigar cutter set;

On this page dedicated to the best cigar accessories you will also find many cigar cutter sets. Gift boxes and complete sets of travel humidors to offer you the best solutions from our brands.

In conclusion;

If you're a fan of cigar cutters or cigar accessories, I'm sure you already know very well some of the companies suggested here. Choosing the best product for your needs and habits is not that easy. In fact, there are many brands and models of cigar accessories on the market today, but which ones are really reliable? Do not risk buying a bad product, choose only the best accessories available, the brands that have contributed to the history of this sector such as Xikar, Les Fines Lames and others.

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