Takeya thermal bottles, the U.S. thermal bottle brand

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Takeya, the U.S. insulated bottle brand;

Takeya thermal bottles, resistant and light Takeya ecological thermal bottles are the ideal solution to keep your favorite drinks at the right temperature! Here you will find the best thermal bottles of the brand divided by color and characteristics. 


Why buy Takeya thermal bottles?

Thanks to the watertight lid, Takeya thermal trekking bottles can keep your drinks in vacuum insulation by keeping them cold or icy for several hours regardless of the outside temperature.


The Takeya brand of thermal bottles is today one of the leading brands in the production of ecological bottles. Designed to be robust and light, the brand offers various solutions, the catalog is divided into sizes and colors, as well as the different technical characteristics offered. By purchasing a Takeya bottle, you can refresh yourself by drinking your favorite drinks always at the right temperature. Thanks to the cover system and the materials used, the use of these bottles not only limits the proliferation of micro organisms inside, but also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of plastic in the world.

Takeya thermal bottle models available

Available on Knife Park you will find over 30 different models of Takeya bottles. Many solutions designed to help you choose your personalized bottle. These thermal bottles help you keep the temperature of your drinks constant for several hours, even in the hottest hours of the day. Made in different sizes, you can easily find the easiest solution to carry in your bag!



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