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Tactical Goggles

Military tactical glasses;

Our best military tactical glasses selected for you. On this page you will find all our best tactical and combat glasses, ballistic glasses or glasses equipped with ballistic lenses designed to best protect your eyesight from fragments, debris or anything else that you might find in action.


Why buy military tactical glasses?

Military tactical glasses are designed to offer excellent vision and eye protection. Ideal in the field of action, these tools are designed to offer maximum protection against impacts with splinters, debris, UV and infrared rays.

In order to best adapt to any kind of situation, these instruments can be equipped with interchangeable lenses of different colors, in order to best adapt to different light situations.

Features of military tactical glasses;

To offer a very high level of eye protection, these glasses therefore offer a number of important features.

Protection against splinters and fragments;

These glasses are in fact designed to resist impact with splinters, debris, and other things that, traveling at high speed in the air, could damage the eye.

Protection against UV or infrared rays;

Likewise, ballistic lenses are designed to offer maximum protection against UV or infrared rays. The lenses of these glasses are in fact capable of blocking ultraviolet rays that can damage the eyes or reduce visibility. Likewise, they can protect the eye from infrared rays that can be emitted by surrounding heat sources.

Ergonomic Design;

The military tactical glasses are finally equipped with an ergonomic design that is ideal for adapting completely to the face. Likewise, these tools offer a series of bearings on the support points, ideal for preventing soot from entering and for fixing the glasses to the face, preventing them from moving.

tactical glasses

Standard Safety military tactical glasses;

In order to guarantee the user that these glasses actually perform the desired job, they are subjected by the manufacturers to a series of tests. The objective in this sense is to verify that the glasses obtain certain safety standards, necessary to offer a sufficient level of protection.

Reference abbreviations to military safety standards:

MIL-PRF-31013: This US military standard defines requirements for the impact resistance of protective eyewear lenses, including tactical eyewear.

ANSI Z87.1: American National Standards Institute standard defines safety requirements for protective eyewear, including those used in tactical situations.

STANAG 2920: NATO standard defines requirements for eye protection against impact and shrapnel during military operations.

EN 166: This European standard defines the safety requirements for protective eyewear, including those used in tactical situations.

Tactical eyewear brands;

Today there are numerous brands of tactical and military eyewear manufacturers on the market, to be sure of choosing the best solution for your needs, we always recommend following a series of indications. First of all, make sure that the glasses offer an adequate level of protection, and therefore meet safety standards such as MIL-PRF-31013, ANSI Z87.1, STANAG 2920, EN 166 or AS/NZS 1337.

Even the choice of the brand can help to select an excellent quality product. Choosing to purchase a protection system from a well-known brand that has been producing similar supports for years certainly offers greater certainty to the end user.

The cost of the glasses is also a parameter that should not be underestimated. High-quality tactical or ballistic eyewear may cost more, but it's important to invest in quality products if you want to actually take care of your vision.

Bobster brand;

Below, our team has selected for you a series of solutions from the well-known ballistic eyewear brand Bobster. This American company has been making some of the best tactical and sports eyewear for years. The brand is in fact specialized in the production of sunglasses, protective eyewear and motorcycle eyewear.

These tools are in fact designed to offer maximum protection against impacts and other environmental hazards, including UV rays. Many of the selected models in this sense they offer high safety standards. to offer maximum protection.

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