Silky Outback, hand saws for bushcraft

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Silky Outback

Silky Outback, hand saws for bushcraft;

The Silky Outback saws were created to best meet the needs of survival enthusiasts and Bushcraft. The Silky handsaws are tested to offer the best performance outdoors. Compare all our outdoor folding saws available. 


Features of the Silky Outback Saws;

For the Silky Outback product series, the brand has applied a unique blend of nickel and tin to the entire blade, including the teeth. This coating has the function of offering a longer life to the blade as well as improving its performance during use.

The color of the blade also plays an important role. in fact, the dark anti-reflection color makes the Silky Outback saws ideal for tactical operations.

Silky Outback

Silky Outback Saw Materials;

The steel used for the Silky Outback folding saws is Authentic Premium Japanese steel. Designed to offer maximum flexibility and resistance. The handle of these saws is instead composed of wood and plastic. To the touch, the sensation of using this handle appears harder than the usual GOM rubber handle, but unlike the classic handle, this handle offers a better grip in the presence of liquids and greasy substances.

History of the Silky brand;

The Silky brand was created in 1919 in Japan by Katsuji Miyawaki, who started his own hand blade manufacturing company called Miyawaki Seisakusho. Initially, the company was mainly engaged in the production of blades for woodworking, but in 1940 it started producing hand saws as well.

In 1970, the company began exporting its saws worldwide, and in 1980 changed its name to Silky Saws. Since then, the Silky brand has become known worldwide for its quality and innovative technology.

Today, the Silky brand produces a wide range of folding handsaws, used in many industries including construction, agriculture, forestry and gardening and the general outdoors.

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