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Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stone for knives;

What is knife sharpening stone? As most cutlery enthusiasts know, one of the best ways to sharpen a knife is to sharpen it on stone. A sharpening stone is therefore a tool that has one or more rough surfaces on which you can angle your blade for correct sharpening.

Why buy a sharpening stone?

Why buy a sharpening stone? Because it is one of the best ways to sharpen a blade yes! On this page from you will find many of the best sharpening stones available online. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our solutions to keep your blades at their best. On this page you will find over 20 different types of sharpening stones.

Why use a sharpening stone?

Using a sharpening stone is certainly not the easiest way to take care of your knife, but it is certainly one of the ways to obtain an excellent result. However, the use of sharpening stones requires a certain skill in order to be used. This is because the knife must be angled in order to be sharpened on stone, and it is not always easy to offer the right angle.

How to use a sharpening stone;

To use a sharpening stone correctly, it is therefore necessary to correctly angle the knife on the stone, so as to resume the angle of the wire. Once this is done it will be possible to start moving the blade on the stone, also adding water if necessary to facilitate movement. To make it easier to sharpen on stone, many leading brands in the sector have devised guided angle systems. We see an example in the manual sharpener Work Sharp Whetstone Knife Sharpener which at the edges of the support for the stone, has fins already arranged for a determined angle. In this way it will be possible to maintain the correct angle more easily, without risking losing the position due to the movement.

Knife sharpening stone Work Sharp

The use of the knife sharpening stone;

One of the cultures that has certainly contributed to the spread and use of sharpening stones is the Asian Japanese culture. The classic Japanese knife in fact, hardly has forms of protection for the fingers, in the lower part of the blade, near the handle. The characteristic neck that can be found in Western kitchen knives to protect the fingers, is instead absent in Japanese knives and this precisely because this protective thickness would prevent the knife from sharpening on stone.

Types stone:

So what are the most common types of knife sharpening stone? Below we list some of the most popular and popular types of stone in the sector. 

The types listed here are just some of the most used types of stone. Not all of these types of stone are sold on our shop, but for some it is possible to contact us to ask for more information.

1) Professional;

Professional sharpening stone. What is meant by this tool? When we talk about precision tools, we refer in particular to angle sharpening systems. Originally marketed by the Lansky brand, today there are many companies producing these special sharpening devices. Among the best known we remember for example the Work Sharp Precision Adjust. These devices allow you to fix the blade and then pass the stone on it precisely at the same angle.

2) Round;

Among the best known solutions, we obviously remember the round or circular whetstone. Mainly used professionally. This stone is also often referred to as Mola.

3) Flat;

The flat whetstone is probably the most popular for several reasons. The first certainly concerns the size, the flat sharpening stone is much smaller and more manageable than other solutions, such as the round stone. This also generally offers two surfaces of different grain. This gives the user the possibility to choose the most appropriate grain for the blade to be sharpened. Finally, price clearly also plays a major role, as these tools are generally less expensive.

4) Diamond;

Finally, among the most sought-after solutions, there is the diamond sharpening stone. Generally used for the sharpening of harder steels, the diamond is available with different grains according to the needs, depending on the use to be made of it.

Sharpening stones set;

Do you want to compose your own set of sharpening stones? Then don't miss the opportunity to compare all our different sharpening stones. On this page you will find over 20 types of sharpening stones of the best brands. Here you will find all the best products of the Work Sharp brand, but also the most requested solutions of the Lansky brand. Compare all our products have fun composing your set of sharpening stones.


If you are looking for a reliable product, remember that all the sharpening stones available here have undergone numerous TESTS before being put on the market. Do not risk buying an unreliable product, choose only the best brands of sharpening stones that have been tested.

Test Knife sharpening stone

Grit knife sharpening stone;

Why does each sharpening stone have a different grain? Depending on the type of knife you want to sharpen, there is an ideal grain to use. Exactly, not all knives are created equal! These are made of different steels and for this they offer a greater or lesser hardness of the blade according to the different characteristics.

To choose the right tool, you must first make sure which grit is best for sharpening your knife. There are therefore finer grains, for softer steels and coarse grains for harder and less flexible steels.

Best knife sharpening stone;

Therefore, in order to choose the best stone, you will therefore have to evaluate numerous aspects. Each stone is different and responds to certain specific characteristics. Each knife sharpening stone has different types of grain, can be made with oil or water and can be of different shapes.

There are therefore many solutions of excellent quality, but to choose the best stone for you, you will first need to understand what your work needs are.

In conclusion;

If you are looking for a sharpening stone, you have come to the right place. On this page you will find different models of stones, also different portable versions for the outdoors. Here you can compare the different models of Work Sharp stone, but also many other solutions from brands such as Samura or Benchmade. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our products available on Knife Park.

Don't waste any more time, come and discover all our best tools for sharpening your knives. On this page you will find many solutions that can answer your needs. Here you will find over 20 different types of stones.
On this page we have selected professional solutions for you, but also outdoor solutions. Small tools ideal for sharpening your knives outdoors in no time.

Thanks to our product filters, you can easily compare all our stones to find the best solution for your needs!

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