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Sharpening Stones

Stones for sharpening knives

What are knife sharpening stones? As most knife enthusiasts know, one of the best ways to sharpen a knife is to sharpen it on stone. A sharpening stone is therefore a tool that has one or more rough surfaces on which you can angle your blade, thus giving your knife the correct sharpening. A sharpening stone can be used with both kitchen knives and edc knives.

Why use a sharpening stone?

A sharpening stone is certainly not the easiest way to sharpen your knife, but it is certainly one of the ways to obtain an excellent result. However, the use of sharpening stones requires a certain skill to be used. This is because the knife in order to be sharpened on stone must be angled, and it is not always easy to offer the right angle.

How to use a sharpening stone

To use a sharpening stone correctly, it is therefore necessary to correctly angle the knife on the stone, so as to resume the angle of the edge. Once this is done it will be possible to start moving the blade on the stone, also adding water if necessary to facilitate movement. To make it easier to sharpen on stone, many leading brands in the sector have devised guided angle systems. We see an example in the Work Sharp Whetstone Knife Sharpener manual sharpener which, at the edges of the stone support, has fins already arranged for a determined angle. In this way it will be possible to maintain the correct angle more easily, without risking losing the position due to the movement.

The use of sharpening stones.

One of the cultures that has certainly contributed to the spread and use of sharpening stones is the Asian Japanese culture. The classic Japanese knife in fact, hardly has forms of protection for the fingers, in the lower part of the blade, near the handle. The characteristic neck that can be found in Western kitchen knives to protect the fingers, is instead absent in Japanese knives and this precisely because this protective thickness would prevent the knife from sharpening on stone.

In conclusion:

If you are looking for a sharpening stone, you are in the right place. On this page you will find different models of sharpening stones, also different portable versions for the outdoors. Here you can compare the different models of Work Sharp sharpening stone, but also many other solutions from brands such as Samura or Benchmade. Don't miss the opportunity to compare all our products available on Knife Park.



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