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Opinel knives, the hunting knives Made in France!

Are you looking for the best Opinel knives? On this page you will find all our French knives of the Opinel brand. From classic versions such as the Inox and Carbon series, to commemorative versions. Compare our Opinel knives, the hunting knife made in France.

History of Opinel Knives;

The Opinel knife brand was born in France in 1980 in the small village of Maurienne in Savoy in the French Alps. The founder of the brand is Joseph Opinel who in the 80s made the first hunting knife that still bears his name today. In recent years, the brand has grown considerably and today in the French headquarters, over 5 million pieces are produced, all made in France.

Production of Opinel knives;

The Opinel knife brand does not only produce hunting knives or outdoor knives. In fact, over the years the brand has also specialized in the production of kitchen knives. Specifically, we remember the line of Chef Opinel Parallele knives made of precious X50CrMoV15 steel to offer the best performance.

Obviously the most famous solutions of the brand remain the outdoor knives. The French brand is famous for its classic lines in both stainless steel and carbon steel. Naming the two series "stainless steel" and "coal" identifying in the series of carbon knives, precisely those made of carbon steel.

In addition to these classic series, in the Opinel catalog you can also find special versions for outdoor, or luxury editions made with fine finishes, such as ebony wood or black blade. The French brand has also made many commemorative editions over the years. For example, we remember the Opinel knife n.8 "Cristoforo Colobo" or the versions made for the Tour De France.

Knife opinel n.8


Here are some of the series of the most successful French brand. The models that have made the history of the brand are that they are still in production today. The hunting knives of different sizes of the Inox and Carbone series that still represent the bestsellers of the brand today.

1) Inox;

The Opinel Inox series is characterized by the steel used to make these knives. In fact, stainless steel is used in this series. In this sense, knives differ not in design but in construction materials. The great classics of the French brand are part of the Inox series, but also the commemorative versions of the same knives, such as the versions made for hunting or for the tour de France.

2) Carbone;

The Opinel Carbone series, on the other hand, is made of carbon steel. The design of these knives is no different from the Inox series, what differentiates these two evenings is in fact the type of materials used. The coal series is therefore designed to best meet the needs of the most passionate about outdoor excursions.


We have therefore seen 2 of the main series made by the French brand. Obviously the Inox series and the Carbone series are just two macro lines created by the brand. Now specifically we want to focus your attention on some of the brand's Bestsellers, sought after precisely for their different characteristics.

1) Opinel n. 8;

The Opinel knife n. 8 is certainly one of the most requested models of the brand. As is known, the number identifies the knife, but also the size of the blade which is 8 cm. This version is made both in the Inox series and in the Carbone series, but in addition this knife is also made in numerous commemorative versions dedicated to hunting or sporting events.

2) Mushroom knife ;

The Opinel mushroom knife is one of the most requested by outdoor excursion enthusiasts, who like to spend their time picking mushrooms. The French brand makes numerous versions of this knife, complete with brush to clean mushrooms.

Mushroom knife Opinel

3) Carving knife;

Among the most requested versions, the wood carving knife is certainly one of the most requested models. This version is in fact particularly appreciated by those who love to build small wooden sculptures for their home, or simply by those who buy it to work with wood.

4) Opinel knives for children;

Among the novelties we point out the Opinel knives for children. These small pocket knives are great for helping your kids get comfortable with a knife. Made with a smaller blade, these knives are very small and easy to handle, therefore suitable to be held even by children.

Features Opinel knives;

Among the aspects that characterize Opinel knives we remember in particular the use of top quality steels. In fact, the French brand, despite offering its products at reasonable prices, manages to maintain high quality standards and this is highly appreciated by its customers. Among the features that have contributed to the success of these hunting knives, we also mention the characteristic Virobloc locking system used in all folding knives of the brand.

In order to make these knives even more functional, the French brand has always adopted a numerical cataloging system for its products. As it is possible to observe, in fact, each knife has its own number which serves to help the customer in the immediate identification of both the product and its size. The larger the number attributed to the knife, the greater the width of its blade.

In Conclusion;

If you are considering purchasing an Opinel knife, you are in the right place. On this page on Knife Park, you will find over 70 different models that you can compare and possibly buy for your outdoor excursions. Do not miss the opportunity to compare all our different knives of the French brand, thanks to our filters, you can easily select the product that best suits your needs, to always carry with you on your outdoor trips.

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