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Cooling Box

Portable camping cooler for your outdoor!

A portable camping icebox, allows you to always keep your drinks and food cool when you travel or when you are out in the open air. A mini portable Camping Fridge can keep your food cool for up to 4 days without the need for electricity.

How does a portable camping icebox work?

A portable camping icebox, isolates its internal contents from the outside, thanks to its lining made of insulating foam. In this way, once the ice has been inserted and the lid closed, the food and drinks contained inside the portable icebox can remain cold for several hours without the need for electricity, as required by a common camping cooler.

To offer maximum performance, the different icebox models are equipped with double-walled foam and leak-resistant gasket. In this way they allow you to keep the cold for from 36 to 27 hours depending on the model chosen.

Why buy a portable camping icebox?

The portable camping icebox is the ideal object if you want to spend a few relaxing days outdoors with friends. Thanks to its insulating properties, in fact, it allows you to keep your food cold for several hours without the need for electricity. A portable icebox is therefore the ideal tool for storing your food and drinks if you are on a boat or if you are in the woods in the open air.

Do not leave unprepared, using this simple tool, you can finally leave for a long weekend with your friends and keep cold beers and food until you return!

In conclusion;

If you are a fan of outdoor trips, the portable icebox can certainly be for you, becoming the ideal accessory that cannot be missed on vacation. Designed to offer you maximum comfort, these icebox models allow you to keep your food and drinks cold for several hours. Ideal on the boat, but also when camping for outdoor parties with friends. From today with this tool, you can easily store what you need for the weekend without the need for electricity.

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