Travel cutlery set to take with you;

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Travel cutlery

Travel cutlery set to take with you;

Travel cutlery is a set of kitchen and table utensils that you can take with you on your travels, camping or in any other situation outside the home! Ideal for those who love picnics, excursions, trips but also to reduce the use of disposable plastic cutlery and reduce pollution.




What does a travel cutlery set consist of?

A travel cutlery set typically includes the essentials to allow a person to eat comfortably while away from home. Designed to be compact and easy to transport. But what does a set generally consist of?

A compact fork with durable tips for eating solid foods, a folding or retractable knife with a sharp blade for cutting foods. A spoon for eating soups, cereals, and other semi-liquid foods.

How to choose your travel cutlery?

Your choice of travel cutlery will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your trip or outdoor activities you plan to do. On our site you can choose between different types of sets, they are available in a variety of different designs, colors and finishes to meet all consumer tastes.

The best travel cutlery;

On you will find many of the best travel cutlery on the market today. Among the solutions we offer you, you will be able to choose in particular from over 50 models of cutlery sets from the Akinod brand. This French brand has specialized for years in the creation of these products and is very attentive to features such as weight, design, opening mechanisms and everything that makes these tools indispensable!

Stainless steel travel cutlery;

Travel cutlery is mostly made of stainless steel. This is because this material is the one that lends itself best to the creation of these products. Stainless steel is in fact ideal for preventing rust formation and is at the same time highly resistant and lightweight.

Thanks to the different interlocking mechanisms, this material lends itself ideally to the composition of magnetic sets, which are light and easily transportable in any context.

Travel cutlery brands, Akinod;

The Akinod cutlery brand has been a leader in the travel cutlery sector for years. Unlike many competing companies, the brand has always focused on diversity by creating its products in many different patterns and designs. Offering over 50 different products by type of set. Many varieties of products that will allow you to easily choose the cutlery set best suited to your tastes and needs.

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