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Nite Ize

Nite Ize accessories and tools for the outdoors;

On this page, we have selected the products of the Nite Ize brand for you. This company specializing in the production of outdoor equipment is famous for the production of carabiners, LED flashlights, mobile phone accessories and other tools. Compare all our Nite Ize products in the catalogue.


Brand Nite Ize;

The Nite Ize brand was born in America and was founded in 1989 in Boulder, Colorado. The company was founded by Rick Case, still the current CEO of the brand. Over the years this company has become famous for its production of high quality outdoor equipment. Ultra-resistant carabiners, LED torches for outdoor activities and much more.

Brand philosophy Nite Ize;

In all these years, the Nite Ize brand has always focused on the complete satisfaction of its customers. Paying particular attention to the needs of hiking enthusiasts, it has managed over time to create truly indispensable products for those who love being outdoors.

The company is also very attentive to the environmental sustainability of its products. In fact, the company has always been committed to making products that last over time or that are in any case recyclable. In fact, among the objectives there is that of minimizing the environmental impact of its production. This in order to contribute to the sustainability of the planet we live on.

Nite Ize products;

Nite Ize products

As already mentioned, the brand produces various accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. Among these we highlight in particular:

S-Biner carabiners:

Specifically, it is a line of highly resistant carabiners. Made of stainless steel with double lock, these tools can be very useful for hooking up or transporting sports equipment, keys and other accessories to always keep close by.

Led Flashlight:

Among the most requested accessories of the brand, there are also led Flashlight, weighted to be resistant to shocks and water, these camping Flashlights are made in different sizes to meet the needs of users.

Phone Cases & Stands:

The Nite Ize brand also produces a wide range of holders and cases for mobile phones. Different solutions to facilitate the transport of the phone when traveling or on a trip outdoors.

Straps to secure objects:

Finally, we point out that the brand also actively produces many straps and hooks for fixing and/or hanging equipment of different types. These tools appear ideal for securing your luggage or products during transport.

TEST Products;

In order to offer the best performance, the Nite Ize brand carries out various types of tests on its products in order to guarantee their reliability, duration and safety. Test on the resistance of the carabiners or on the waterproof level of the LED Flashlights.

In fact, the brand pays close attention to the quality level of its products, it is no coincidence that the robustness and reliability of its outdoor accessories are today among the most requested by enthusiasts.

In conclusion:

You will then have understood which products the Nite Ize brand offers. Here in fact, we talked about how this brand of outdoor accessories was born, recalling some of the most important moments in its history. Finally, we have highlighted some of the main types of products marketed by the brand today, noting in particular carabiners, straps and accessories for mobile phones.

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