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Santa Fe Stoneworks

Santa Fe Stoneworks, precious handcrafted knives

Why are Santa Fe Stoneworks knives considered precious objects? All the knives you see in the catalog are the result of craftsmanship or semi-craftsmanship made in New Mexico in the USA. The Santa Fe Stoneworks company has taken the knives of the most prestigious brands and creates unique pieces.

Why buy a Vintage Santa Fe Stoneworks knife

The Santa Fe Stoneworks brand is known in the industry for its exceptional creations. Over the years this company has taken many series of historical American knives and modified them making them unique and inimitable pieces. Below we have collected for you, some of the most interesting solutions made for brands like Camillus and other well-known brands.

Processing and characteristics of Santa Fe Stoneworks knives

As you may have noticed, the main feature of these vintage knives concerns the processing of the handles. The Santa Fe Stoneworks company is in fact specialized in the reworking of knives with precious stones. In fact, precious stones or mother-of-pearl inserts are often used for their realization. Among the workings there are also solutions in inlaid wood where it is possible to observe the splendid decorations.

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