Silky Katanaboy, the Japanese hand saws models 500, 650 and 1000

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Silky Katanaboy

Silky Katanaboy, the Japanese hand saws Silky Katanaboy 500, 650 and 1000 models.

Here you find the Silky Katanaboy hand saws. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will surely already know the Silky multifunctional saws. Here you will find the largest and most performing models made by the brand, the Japanese Silky Katanaboy 500, 650 and 1000 saws.


Features of Silky Katanaboy hand saws;

The Silky Katanaboy hand saws are the series of high performance multifunctional saws made by the Silky brand in Japanese steel. Thanks to their wide range of action, they are often considered as one of the best alternatives to an electric chainsaw, since they do not pollute and make noise.

Thanks to their width, which can reach up to one meter, Katanaboy saws are the ideal tool for cutting medium and large logs as well as building shelters in campsites and in the woods.

Using the wide handle, this type of hand saw can also be used with two hands, offering better cutting power.

The three types of Silky Katanaboy saws are:

1) Silky Katanaboy 500;

2) Silky Katanaboy 650;

3) Silky Katanaboy 1000;

Three different sizes, designed to best meet the needs of users. Each Katanaboy hand saw model is also equipped with a solid Nylon shoulder strap to make transport easier.

Using the Silky Katanaboy Saw;

Silky Katanaboy

The Silky Katanaboy saws are designed to cut wood with a "pull stroke". In fact, the saw should not be pushed hard forward, but positioned on the trunk, pulled in the direction and then slid forward. On the net, the Silky brand has made several demonstration videos to best explain how to use its saws in the best way.

Maintenance of Silky Katanaboy hand saws;

To best preserve your Silky Katanaboy saw, you don't need many precautions, the company in fact advises all users to keep the saw in a dry place, away from humidity. For cleaning, however, it is recommended to use simple olive oil. Instead of using cleaning solvents, the brand advises its users to dissolve the resin present on the saw after use with simple olive oil that does not attack steel in any way.

In conclusion:

In this short article dedicated to Katanaboy saws, we have presented the main features of the models shown here. In fact, we observed how the brand, to best meet the needs of its users, has created three types of extra large hand saws, the Silky Katanaboy saws. Designed to easily cut even the largest branches and trunks, as if you were using a motor saw, lighter, less noisy and easy to use.

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