Thermos flasks, the best solutions to isolate food and drinks

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Best thermos for your food;

The best Thermos for food designed to better isolate your food from the external environment. On this page you will find Thermos for food, but also solutions for coffee and liquids in general. If you are looking for the best travel containers, then compare our products.

What is a Thermos and how does it work?

The Thermos is a container that has the function of keeping its internal content isolated from the external environment. To do this, these containers interpose vacuum areas with the eternal which allow thermal insulation between the internal contents and the surrounding environment. It should be clearly remembered that the vacuum that characterizes the walls of the Thermos is used only for the purpose of thermal insulation, the content in this sense should not be considered under vacuum.

To allow the isolation of liquids or foods, therefore, a vacuum is used which, as is known, cannot conduct heat. In this way the food or liquid inserted in the container reaches thermal equilibrium with the internal walls.

Why buy a Thermos?

If you are a fan of outdoor hiking or camping in the open air, you know how important it is to best preserve your food from the surrounding environment to prevent it from deteriorating. For this reason, not only containers for liquids, but also Thermoses for hot food or food in general are very popular in the outdoor sector.

When you are out for a few days and do not have a camping fridge or icebox available, the food thermos may be your only safety to prevent cold or heat from affecting your food.

Obviously these tools are very widespread and also required for other uses. There are in fact the Thermos for coffee, in addition to those for liquids in general. However, the functionality remains unchanged. To better preserve the internal content from the external climate.

Types of Thermos;


As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are various types of insulating containers. We have thermos for food, but also solutions for Coffee and Liquids in general, which must distinguish themselves from thermal flasks.

The models designed for food are characterized by having a wider opening than the models designed for storing liquids. This is because these containers are designed to facilitate access to the internal food that must be able to be poured comfortably to the eternal to be consumed. In fact, this type of container is characterized by offering the possibility of using the lid as a cup in which to pour food to consume it.

1) For hot food;

Among the most sought after types, we remember in particular the Thermos for hot foods, in this sense it is possible to generally mean both solid and liquid foods, although in this sense we refer specifically to liquid foods.

2) For Coffee;

Obviously, many of the hot drinks that you love to keep are caffeine-based ones. For this reason, many specialized brands have created special thermos for coffee. Therefore creating containers of the right size ideal for best preserving this drink.

3) Food;

When we talk about thermos for food on the contrary, we mostly refer to those containers with wide access therefore designed to get food in and out easily and without too much difficulty.

4) Thermos for children;

Finally, among the most sought-after categories we have the Thermoses for children. These smaller containers are I think capacious compared to the more common containers, but allow the child to handle them independently.

The best thermos for your needs;

If you have not yet found what you are looking for, do not despair on this page you will find many of the best Thermoses for food on the market today. The best solutions designed to best meet your needs. So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our available solutions.

Thermos Stanley 1913


Below we point out two of our best brands specialized in the production of thermal bottles and containers.

1) Stanley 1913;

The Stanley brand was born in 1913 in the USA. This company is famous for being one of the pioneers in the sector by designing the first containers capable of thermally insulating food and liquid foods from the external environment.

2) Takeya;

Among the highly successful and internationally renowned brands, we also point out Takeya the well-known USA manufacturer of ecological thermal bottles ideal for any use and outdoor activities!

Characteristics of a Thermos for food;

Among the aspects to which it is important to pay attention, please note that these containers must be made of stainless steel for food use. In fact, not all types of steel are suitable for storing food.

The use of steel also allows and facilitates cleaning in many cases in fact these insulating containers can also be washed in the dishwasher. Among the other aspects to pay attention to, remember to check the presence of the double insulating wall, ideal for amplifying the insulating capacity of the food thermos.

In conclusion;

In this brief description dedicated to the world of Thermoses, we have had to best describe what this container for liquids and foods is and what it is characterized by. In fact, we recalled how the vacuum insulation system works, also highlighting what is meant by insulation of food from the external environment.

Finally, we focused on the different types of containers for food and liquids on the market today, highlighting the main characteristics that a good product must have, especially if it is intended for food preservation.

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