Samura Mad Bull, the perfect kitchen cleaver, available!

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Samura Mad Bull

Samura Mad Bull, the perfect kitchen cleaver!

The Samura Mad Bull knife is a professional kitchen cleaver with a refined design. The shape is typical of a Serbian kitchen knife, but with a much more attractive design. In the industry this butcher's cleaver is known as the "infernal guillotine", perfect for cutting, splitting small bones and slicing. Compare all our available models!

Characteristics of the Samura Mad Bull knife

Despite the appearance of the Samura Mad Bull kitchen cleaver, it is not very thoughtful and this allows it to be used easily without too much effort. Despite the lighter weight, this cleaver has a very sharp blade that makes it happy to cut any kind of food effortlessly.

Like all products of the Samura brand, this cleaver is also made of high-quality Japanese steel. Specifically, this kitchen knife is made of AUS 8 steel. The handle, on the other hand, is decorated with a different texture depending on the model chosen, the material used for the realization of the handle is still micarta.

The overall blade is 18 cm, ideal for easily cutting or mincing medium sized steaks without effort. All models in the series are hand-forged and offer a unique and brutal appearance.

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