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CONDOR Tool & Knife, machetes, knives and survival items;

Condor is today one of the best known brands in the production of machetes, survival knives, and military tools in El Salvador. The company produces articles for Bushcraft, Macheti, Kukri but also hunting and neck knives. Discover the best products of the Condor brand.



History of the Condor Knives brand;

The company originates in Solingen, Germany, where it was founded by Gebrüder Weyersberg, a family of cutlers. Initially, the company was called Gebrüder Weyersberg. Subsequently in the 60s, the brand moved to El Salvador, where a new phase of its history began. It is here that the company specializes in the production of machetes and industrial agricultural tools.

Condor Knives

Over the years the Condor Knives brand has developed a solid reputation among knife enthusiasts. This is thanks to the extraordinary strength and reliability of its products. The brand's products are in fact today among the most requested and used by campers, military professionals and hikers.

Condor Tool & Knife brand products;

As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, the Condor Knives brand offers a wide range of products ranging from hunting and survival knives to machetes and axes. Among the most successful categories created by the brand we mention:

Condor machetes:

The survival machetes made by the brand are famous for being extraordinary tools for cutting dense vegetation. These tools are also ideal for woodworking and other outdoor activities. In fact, they are also in great demand by those who love to carry out Bushcraft activities.

Condor Axes:

The brand is also known for the production of excellent quality axes, ideal for the outdoors, but also for carpentry work, the axes of the Condor Knives brand are made with top quality materials, ideal for meeting the needs of workers and hikers .

Bestsellers Condor Tool & Knife:

Condor Kukri Knives

Condor Bushlore:

The Bushlore is a traditional survival knife with a 4" blade, made from 1075 high carbon steel. It is known for its toughness and reliability. Over the years it has established itself as one of the brand's most successful products.

Condor Rodan:

A sturdy machete with a 12" blade made from 1075 carbon steel. It is ideal for outdoor cutting and clearing tasks.

Primitive Bush Knife:

The Primitive Bush is a survival knife with a 4" blade, made of 1075 carbon steel. It is designed to meet the needs of survival enthusiasts and hikers.

In conclusion:

If you are passionate about camping and outdoor excursions, if you love living in nature, then the products of the Condor Tool & Knife brand are right for you! In fact, this company offers numerous top-level products including hiking machetes, but also survival knives and items for Bushcraft! So don't miss the opportunity to compare the whole range of Condor brand items available for immediate delivery in our Store

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