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Nordic Pocket Saw

Nordic Pocket Saw for outdoor.

The Nordic Pocket Saw chain saw brand was founded in 2015 in Sweden by two childhood friends who are passionate about outdoor. As with all successful products, the initial goal was to create a sturdy and lightweight hand chain saw for your individual needs. In response to these, the Nordic Pocket Saw brand was born.


How the idea of ​​the Nordic Pocket Saw was born.

The idea of ​​the Nordic Pocket Saw manual chain saw was born following a trip made by the founders in Amazonia. It is here in fact that for the first time we realize the usefulness and functionality of this tool. At the time, however, there were no reliable products and it is for this reason that the idea was born to produce a truly reliable manual chain saw to always carry with you.

The Nordic Pocket Saw brand today.

Today the Nordic Pocket Saw brand of chainsaws is an internationally known brand. In fact, its products are available in over 25 countries and in 5 different continents. Given the exceptional effectiveness of the products made by the brand. This result was achieved in a very short time and today the Nordic Pocket Saw is considered an indispensable tool that cannot be missing in the equipment of every hiker.

Why buy a Nordic Pocket Saw?

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, today the products of the Nordic Pocket Saw brand are among the most reliable tools in the outdoor sector. The manual chain saw produced by the Swedish brand has quickly established itself as one of the most popular tools for those who do buschraft or other similar outdoor activities.

Nordic Pocket Saw

When it is not possible to have a small log already cut, the best alternative to a folding saw is the manual chain saw. Using this tool it will be possible to quickly cut a small trunk that can then be split with your bushcraft knives.

How to use a Nordic Pocket Saw?

Using a Nordic Pocket Saw chainsaw is pretty simple. In fact, to be able to saw the log, it is sufficient to wind it with the saw and stretch it with both hands. At this point it is possible to start an undulatory movement with the saw, moving the cutting edge around the branch which will be cut in a few minutes. Also remember that to make a clean cut without burrs it is always better to make a 360 degree turn around the branch, in order to mark the first superficial layer of the bark.

In conclusion;

In this brief description dedicated to the products of the Nordic Pocket Saw brand, we have had the opportunity to highlight some of the most important aspects that have contributed to making the brand famous. Also remembering what are some of the main benefits that drive people to buy a chainsaw. Advantages such as lightness, ease of transport, ease of use, etc.

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