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Best Cigar Ashtrays

The best cigar ashtrays available online! For many, this accessory is a cult object that must be treated like any other cigar accessory. In fact, there are different types of ashtrays on the market today, but the best cigar ashtrays remain the table ones. Compare all our best cigar accessories available for immediate delivery!

Why buy a table ashtray?

If you are wondering why to buy a table ashtray, you have probably recently approached the world of cigars. A cigar ashtray is considered by many to be a real cult object. An object that defines the place where it is finally possible to have a moment of relaxation.

Features of the best table ashtrays;

The first aspect that certainly notices those looking for a table ashtray is the design. It is no coincidence that these objects are increasingly refined and that there are therefore many enthusiasts looking for a design table ashtray. The second aspect, certainly no less important, is strength and weight. Once positioned, the ashtray must be stable and easy to use if you want to light a good cigar. The weight of an ashtray in many cases also guarantees its quality, especially when it comes to items made of raw materials such as concrete.

Types of table ashtray:

Table ashtrays are generally made in a square or circular shape. What varies depending on the model is the number of cigar rests or their size. Medium to large cigar smokers are very careful that the space dedicated to the cigar in the table ashtray is large enough to house the cigar when not smoking it. So the size of the cigar holder is definitely a variable parameter to pay attention to. Another parameter is the amount of cigar slots in the ashtray. Depending on the ashtray model, the cigar housings can be one, two or even three or four if the ashtray is circular and is large enough to allow accommodation.

Cigar ashtray

1) luxury;

The luxury ashtray is certainly one of the most coveted and sought after objects by cigar lovers. There are clearly different types, crystal, glass, concrete or ceramic. Depending on your tastes, you will certainly be able to find the model that best suits your needs.

On this page on you will find many design items, made in different colors and materials. Do not miss the opportunity to compare all our items available in the catalog.

2) Outdoor;

If you are a smoker who loves being outdoors, discover our outdoor ashtrays. On this page you will find many solutions for your garden, the ideal tools to furnish your outdoor spaces with style!

3) For Car;

Have you already seen our car ashtrays? If you have not yet found what you were looking for, and you are looking for something unique to furnish the interior of your car, discover our steel car accessories! On this page you will find all the cigar accessories for the car signed by Xikar!

4) Vintage;

There are also many vintage cigar ashtrays. Historic design solutions, which are considered cool items by many cigar smokers.

Recommended Ashtray Brands;

Below we point out some of the best brands on the market today. The best brands selected by our team of experts to best meet your needs. These brands are very famous in the world of cigar accessories. So don't miss our accessories collection.

1) Xikar;

The Xikar brand certainly needs no introduction in the world of cigar accessories. In addition to making cigar cutters, the brand also produces a wide range of Xikar ashtrays. So do not miss the opportunity to compare all our products of the brand selected for you.

2) Les Fines Lames;

Among the novelties in the world of cigar accessories, we point out the new French brand Les Fines Lames! This company quickly became famous for its cigar cutters. However, the brand offers a vast catalog and among the most interesting products are the designer concrete ashtrays. On this page you will find a wide range of cigar accessories made by the Les Fines Lames brand.

In conclusion;

On this page you will find many table ashtrays with the characteristics described here. Robust and stable tools designed to best meet your needs. Brightly colored designer ashtray made from top-notch materials such as the Les Fines Lames ashtray made in France by the well-known French cigar accessories brand. If you are looking for a more modern solution, however, do not miss the Xikar ashtray, colorful and fun, the idea per slice for a gift to a loved one!

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