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Asce Hultafors innovation and reliability;

Hultafors is a brand that represents quality, innovation and reliability in the world of hand tools. With over a century of experience, the company continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of professionals, offering tools that combine tradition and modern technology for the outdoor sector.


Asce Hultafors origins and history;

Hultafors has its roots in the 19th century, precisely in 1883, when Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén invented the wooden folding rule. This invention revolutionized the way of measuring for the craftsmen of the time, as it offered a portable and precise tool, in an era where measurement methods were often cumbersome and unreliable.

Beginning in the mid-20th century, Hultafors further expanded its catalog to include a wide range of hand tools, such as axes, hammers, knives, and marking tools. The company began producing axes using hand-forged steel and hickory wood handles, quickly becoming known for the quality and durability of its tools.

Over the years, the company has acquired and integrated other companies and brands in the construction tools and equipment sector, forming the Hultafors Group. This group includes well-known brands such as Snickers Workwear, Wibe Ladders and CLC Work Gear, each bringing complementary expertise and products. The formation of the Hultafors Group has allowed the company to exploit synergies and offer an even wider range of high-quality products to professionals around the world.

Hultafors Axes;

Hultafors is renowned for the quality and durability of its axes, designed to suit a wide range of needs, from forestry work to woodworking.AllHultafors axes are made of high-quality materials. Heads are generally hand-forged from carbon steel, which offers a combination of hardness and strength. The handles are made of hickory wood, chosen for its sturdiness and its ability to absorb shocks.

Hultafors EKELUND;

The Hultafors Ekelund axe is designed with an eye to balance and ergonomics, fundamental characteristics for prolonged and versatile use. The head is hand-forged from carbon steel, a material known for its hardness and ability to maintain a durable sharpness.The Ekelund's handle is made of hickory wood, chosen for its sturdiness and ability to absorb shock. Hickory wood is traditionally used for tool handles due to its strength and durability. The handle is treated with natural oils to improve the grip and protect the wood from the elements.

The Ekelund is an excellent choice for hunters, hikers and woodworking professionals. The combination of tradition and innovation makes this ax a long-lasting and reliable investment for any outdoor or woodworking need.

Hultafors Ågelsjön;

The Hultafors Ågelsjön axe is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact, high-quality camping tool. With rugged construction, premium materials and a design with practicality and durability in mind, the Ågelsjön is perfect for any outdoor adventure. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation makes this ax a long-lasting and reliable investment for all your camping and outdoor needs.

Hultafors Hultan;

The Hultafors Hultan axe is designed to be light and easy to handle, but at the same time powerful and resistant. The ax head is hand forged from carbon steel, a material known for its ability tomaintain sharpness and resist wear. The shape of the blade is optimized for a wide range of tasks, from cutting branches to woodworking.

The Hultafors Hultan ax represents the perfect combination of portability and power, ideal for those looking for a reliable tool for outdoor activities. With rugged construction, high-quality materials and a design designed for versatility and durability, the Hultan is perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Materials of Hultafors Axes

Most Hultafors ax heads are hand-forged from carbon steel, a material chosen for its excellent mechanical properties.Carbon steel is known for its hardness, which allows the blades to maintain long-lasting sharpness. This is essential for an axe, which must cut and split wood effectively. Additionally, when necessary, carbon steel can be easily resharpened with standard tools such as whetstones or files, making maintenance simple and accessible.

The handles ofHultafors axes are generally made of hickory wood, chosen for its extraordinary physical and mechanical properties.Hickory wood is known for its excellent shock-absorbing ability, making it ideal for tool handles that must withstand repeated impacts during use.

This type of wood is extremely strong and long-lasting, ensuring that the ax handle can withstand years of heavy use without breaking or deteriorating.


Regular maintenance of Hultafors axes is essential to preserve their quality and ensure optimal performance. Thorough cleaning, regular sharpening, protection of the handle and correct storage are fundamental practices to prolong the life of the ax and maintain its effectiveness. To ensure that your Hultafors ax remains in tip-top condition, it is essential to carry out regular and thorough maintenance.

It is therefore important after each use to clean the blade with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.If the blade is sticky from tree resin, use a mild solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, to clean it. Dry the blade well after cleaning.

When it comes to maintaining the handle, avoid submerging the handle in water, as excessive moisture can cause swelling and cracks in the wood.


In summary, Hultafors axes represent an investment in quality, durability and performance. The combination of excellent materials, traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation ensures that each ax is a reliable and long-lasting tool. Regular and appropriate maintenance of your axes further extends their useful life, ensuring that they can be used for years without loss of effectiveness.

Through attention to detail, selection of the finest materials and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hultafors continues to be a trusted name in the world of hand tools. Their axes, in particular, are a symbol of quality and reliability, ready to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for a robust and versatile tool.

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