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Opinel Parallèle knife series;

"Opinel Parallèle Knives" represent excellence in the world of cutting tools, combining traditional French craftsmanship with a contemporary and innovative design. Opinel, one of the most renowned brands in the knife industry, introduced the Parallèle line to offer cooking enthusiasts a superior cutting experience.


Features of the Opinel Parallèle knives;

One of the distinctive features of Opinel Parallèle knives is their blade made of high quality stainless steel. This material provides exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, allowing knives to maintain their sharpness and beauty over time. The blades are precision tempered to achieve optimal hardness, ensuring clean, precise cuts on any type of ingredient.

Ergonomics is another key feature of Opinel Parallèle knives. The ergonomic handles are designed to offer a secure and comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. This ergonomic design allows you to work with maximum precision and control, enhancing the overall cooking experience.

The wood used for the handles of Opinel Parallèle knives is carefully selected for its beauty and resistance. These are often fine woods from sustainably managed forests, which are expertly crafted to create ergonomic, long-lasting handles. The choice of wood gives each knife a unique personality, with grains and nuances that make it one of a kind.

Models created for the Opinel Parallèle series;

Santoku Opinel Parallèle;

One of the distinctive features of the Opinel Parallèle Santoku knife is its wide and flat blade, which offers a larger cutting surface and greater stability during use. This shape allows you to make smooth, precise cuts on a wide range of ingredients, making it ideal for slicing vegetables, meat and fish with ease.

Chef's Knife Opinel Parallèle;

The Opinel Parallèle chef's knife is an icon of precision and culinary versatility. Designed to meet the needs of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Paring knife Opinel Parallèle;

The Opinel Parallèle paring knife is an essential component of every kitchen set, offering chefs a reliable, high-quality tool for tackling delicate tasks with ease and precision. The paring knife is a small but powerful culinary tool designed to tackle delicate kitchen tasks with precision and ease.

Why they are called Parallèle;

"Parallèle Knives" is a collection of kitchen knives that represents the embodiment of Japanese culinary art and craftsmanship. The word "Parallèle" is a tribute to the perfect symmetry and balance of the knives, which extend parallel to perfection in their form and function.

In conclusion about Parallèle knives;

Opinel Parallèle is the renowned line of kitchen knives that embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship and culinary innovation. This exceptional knife collection represents the latest incarnation of the iconic Opinel brand, celebrated for its timeless quality and distinctive design.

The continuous pursuit of excellence is a fundamental value of Opinel. Each knife undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure optimal performance and durability. This commitment to perfection is reflected in every detail, making the Parallèle series a favorite choice among professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts around the world.

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