Feuerhand has been making garden lanterns made in Germany since 1893!

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Feuerhand has been making garden lanterns made in Germany since 1893!

Feuerhand is a historic German brand known for the production of high qualityoil and LED lanterns. Founded in 1893 by Hermann Nier , the company has a long tradition of craftsmanship and innovation in the portable lighting industry.


History Feuerhand;

Founded in 1893 by Hermann Nier in Beierfeld, Germany, the company has built a solid reputation thanks to the quality and durability of its products, becoming a point of reference in the portable lighting sector.The company began with the production of oil lamps and related accessories, and over the years has developed a series of models that have met with great success in both the civilian and military sectors.

An important turning point was the introduction of the "Baby Special 276" model lantern, which became the brand's flagship product. This model is particularly appreciated for its robustness, long life and ability to function in adverse weather conditions. The Baby Special 276 is built with high quality materials such as galvanized steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and bad weather.

Design and Functionality;

Feuerhand lanterns are known for their classic and functional design. The most famous model, the "Baby Special 276", perfectly embodies this balance. This model features a compact and portable design, easy to carry and use in various contexts. The structure of the lantern is designed to be resistant and stable, with a wide base that minimizes the risk of tipping.

One of the key components of Feuerhand lanterns is heat-resistant glass. Often produced by Schott, a leading German company in the production of specialty glass, this glass is designed to withstand the high temperatures generated by the lantern's flame. The heat-resistant glass is also very robust, reducing the risk of accidental breakage.

Sustainability products Feuerhand;

The brand maintains a strong focus on sustainability in its production. The lanterns are made from durable materials that extend their useful life, thus reducing the need for frequent replacement and minimizing environmental impact. Production still takes place in Germany, where rigorous quality standards are followed.

Acquisition-by-the-Petromax brand 2014;

In 2014, Feuerhand was acquired by Petromax, The acquisition of Feuerhand by part of Petromax represents a significant event in the history of the two German brands specialized in lighting and outdoor equipment. This change of ownership brought together two iconic names, bringing with it a series of benefits and synergies that strengthened both companies.

Petromax's acquisition of Feuerhand was a strategic move that brought numerous benefits to both companies. By integrating the strengths and skills of two historic brands, Petromax has been able to expand its product portfolio, improve production efficiency and reach new markets.

Feuerhand led lanterns;

In recent years the German brand has expanded its catalog by adding a new series of LED lanterns with an identical appearance to the classic oil versions.The Feuerhand LED lanterns represent a significant innovation that combines traditional design with modern technology, maintaining the quality and reliability for which the brand is famous.

The Feuerhand LED lanterns maintain the classic aesthetics of oil lanterns, combining tradition and modernity.One of the main features of LED lanterns is their energy efficiency rgetic. LEDs consume significantly less energy than traditional bulbs, allowing for long battery life. Designed to provide high quality lighting. Many models offer the ability to adjust the intensity of the light, allowing users to adapt the lighting to the environment and specific needs. The color temperature of the LEDs can vary, offering a warm, welcoming light or a cool, bright light depending on your preference.

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