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The Nordic Frost knives, a brand owned by Morakniv, today play a pivotal role in the production and distribution of Swedish professional knives. The Frosts® brand is owned by the Morakniv company symbol in the world of cutlery, which thanks to its passion for knives, and the use of the best steels for cutlers, Swedish steels clearly, has managed to establish itself as one of the first places among companies in this sector. Just like a century ago, the factory where the Swedish Frosts® knives are made is located in Mora. Specializing in professional knife lines, the Frosts® brand is famous for its production of kitchen knives. Particularly known in the sector for having combined the historic craftsmanship skills, which have made the city of Mora famous for its production of knives and the latest technologies, which have led to the production processes, the entry of new ultra-resistant materials designed to last in the time. The Swedish steel with which Frosts® produces these professional knives, for the food industry, allows these blades to be sharpened up to their most extreme edge and gives them a strong sharpness. Even the ergonomically designed handle, produced with the latest generation materials, is designed to last over time and to become a real extension of the body, thanks to its lightness and innovative design. Thanks to the use of these new technologies, the quality of the Nordic Frosts® knives has allowed their users to use them with less effort and more precision, characteristics that over time have helped to strengthen the brand in the sector of butcher knives or industrial knives for professionals.

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