Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist V.2 (11303)
  • Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist V.2 (11303)
  • Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist V.2 (11303)

Nordic Pocket Saw Arborist V.2 (11303)


The Arborist has been designed to efficiently and efficiently cut hard-to-reach branches. It allows users to cut branches up to 10 meters high, without the need for a ladder or professional assistance. Thanks to the long straps attached to the saw, users can step back to a safe distance of 10 metres/33 feet when cutting the branch. This feature helps prevent injuries from falling branches or debris.

The chain cuts in both directions when going back and forth with the straps. This guarantees an always effective cut since there is no waste of power. Unlike the other products the Arborist has a double sided chain which allows cutting from both sides. It doesn't matter which way the chain is placed over the branch so you don't have the problem of flipping the chain over to the correct position in order to cut. The chain can also be detached from the long straps and used on the ground, like the original version.

Version 2 has new features compared to the previous one: the connection between the saw chain and the straps is more robust, using two steel links connected by a 6 mm screw snap hook. The kit includes an M6 key for easy opening and closing of the screw carabiners. Also included is a 2mm casting string and a small but heavy enough casting weight that make precision casting easier.




- 2 x Straps 10m

- 1 x 6mm Screw Carabiner

- 1 x Double blade chain

- 2 x Screw-in carabiners with M6 key

- 1 x Throwing weight

- 1 x Throw Rope

- 1 x Duffel bag




CHAIN Heat Treated High Carbon Steel



WEIGHT 1222 g

ORIGIN Made in Sweden


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