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Samura knives, Discover Oriental By Samura kitchen knives.


The Samura knife company was founded in 2003 and today represents the right balance between Japanese tradition and innovation in European production. The Samura knives are born after a long collaboration with the famous Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Thanks to the collaboration with these brands of kitchen knives, Samura starts the production of its own lines, eliminating the weaknesses of normal Japanese blades, very fragile due to the high percentage of carbon steel inside them, making knives in hardened steel 58 - 61 HRC. Samura knives are sharpened at an angle of 17 degrees, therefore sharper than Japanese knives. Today the Samura has grown a lot, thanks to constant investments in innovation, and thanks to the use of the best materials chosen for the production of its kitchen knives. Currently the Samura brand has 18 knife lines in production and has been developing its production in four countries since 2010.



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